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 Sixth Grade Vocabulary Worksheets 

Sixth grade vocabulary worksheet features double meaning words. From www.spelling-words-well.com

This sixth grade vocabulary practice page includes this observation:

"It seems that everyone LEAVES just when it's time to rake the LEAVES."

Your students will complete eighteen similar sentences by choosing the correct multiple-meaning word. Some are very challenging!

Double Duty

Printable Worksheet & Answers

In each sentence, think of one word that makes sense in both blanks.

1. A colorful ___________ was painted on the head of the ____________ drum.

2. The traveler decided to _____________ his dessert in the ______________.

3. While  making _________, Sara ran out of sugar, putting her in a real __________.

4. I was sitting too _____________ to the door to be able to _______________ it.

5. Crazy as it sounds, the overworked farmer decided to teach his _____________ to help him ____________ his seeds.

6. The dentist gave her patient a ______________ of injections which made his jaw even _______________.

7. We all hoped that the off-key singer would ______________ from singing the ______________.

8. When Grandma found a ___________ in her favorite quilt, she shed a ___________.

9. The psychologist had to ________________ his _______________ to several tests.

10. I was unable to ______________ the large ______________ on the heavy trunk.

11. The landfill was so full that its owner had to _____________ more _____________.

12. We love to __________________   _________________ in our garden!

13. The nurse _______________ a bandage around the _________________.

14. The president of the board asked to sit in a specific ____________ to ___________ the meeting.

15. The _____________   ______________ into the bushes when it heard a gunshot in the distance.

16. The principal did not _______________ to the teacher’s _______________ lesson.

17. Since there is no time like the present, I think it is time to ________________ you with my ___________________.

18. The author took a ______________ approach to writing the ______________.

Get the full printable worksheet and answers. 

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I'm always working on more spelling resources, so please visit again soon! If you see something you like, please tell another teacher or parent. If you don't see something you want, please tell me!

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