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Crossword Puzzle
Printable, Fun & Free!

Doctor holding a clipboard and long page of test results, from our Crossword Puzzle Printable called, "Doctor, Doctor!"

Just for you: a crossword puzzle printable, fun and free!  Time for a checkup!  You may know the names of most of the kinds of specialists listed in this puzzle. But you’ll have to also spell them correctly to correctly to complete the puzzle! How long will it take you to supply all these answers?

Doctor, Doctor!

Printable Version and Answers

Doctor, Doctor printable crossword puzzle


2.    Studies the cause, development and manifestations of disease

4.    Treats patients by aligning their spines

14.  Treats the feet and foot disorders

16.  Treats heart problems

18.  Puts patients to sleep before surgery

19.  Treats blood diseases

20.  Treats diseases of the nervous system and disorders that affect it


1.    Diagnosis and treats hearing loss

3.    Treats diseases of old age

5.    Treats disorders of the bones and muscles

6.    Treats glands, such as the thyroid and adrenal, that secrete body hormones

7.    Specializes in diseases of the digestive system

8.    Treats ailments of the nose, throat and ears

9.    Treats diseases of body joints

10.  Treats the skin and its diseases

11.  Treats the urinary tract

12.  Treats allergies, resistance to disease and other conditions of the immune system

13.  Treats the eye and its diseases

15.  Treats kidney disorders

17.     Cares for women throughout pregnancy

I'm adding more and more crosswords, so please check again. This one is quite difficult, but I also have new easier crosswords, too!

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