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Common Core Standards Lesson Plans for First Grade 

Using Common Core Standards lesson plans with your first graders can be a lot of fun! First check out the standards on the Common Core website. Then try these lesson plans! We also have links to other helpful first grade resources on our site.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1b (Common, proper and possessive nouns)

What’s Yours? What’s Mine?  

toy horn with ribbons

To introduce the idea of possessive nouns and how to spell them, try this fun activity.

Bring a box of interesting items to school. Choose things that aren’t normally found in your classroom, such as a toy horn, a whistle, and an old telephone.

Ask a student to select an object from the box. Write this statement on the board:  This is Jana’s horn.

Say, “Is this my horn?” Prompt students to reply, “No, this is Jana’s horn.”

Ask, “Is this Tommy’s horn?” to which students should reply, “No, this is Jana’s horn.”

Refer back to the sentence you wrote on the board. Point out the apostrophe and s.

Explain they are used to tell who has, or possesses, the horn.

Then erase the apostrophe. Lead students to discover that this doesn’t make any sense. There are not two or three girls named Jana. There is only one!

white board and marker

To continue the exercise, divide the class into groups of 3-4 students. Instruct each person to select something from your box or from another location in the classroom to take to the small group. Give each group a small white-erase board.

Ask students to sit on the floor in groups, holding their items. The first person makes a statement about each of the other students in the group that uses a possessive noun.


          That is Edythe’s whistle.

          There is John’s telephone.

          I see Maddie’s elephant.

Next, ask each person to write his own first name on the board. Then each student adds the ‘s to the end of one other person’s name.

If time allows, students can switch objects and go through the exercise again. 

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