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Common Core State Standards :
Ideas for Kindergartners

Teaching Common Core State Standards to your kindergartners can be a lot of fun! First check out the standards on the Common Core website. Then read through the ideas, games and worksheets here to find the ones that work best for your kindergartners.


One Sock, Two Socks

two socks

A. Words that end in s

Hold up one sock. Write the word sock on the board. Hold up a second sock. Ask students to tell you the word for two (socks). Add an s to the word on the board.

Next, hold up one ball. Write ball on the board. Ask a student to come up and make the appropriate change to the word when you hold up two balls.

Repeat with other everyday objects that are readily available and easy to spell, such as pens, hands, cups, rings, and hats.

B. Words that end in es On another day, do the same exercise above with nouns that require es. Hold up boxes, brushes, dresses and dishes.

Plural Groups

C. Both endings

pair of cute foxes

fter students have done the above exercises, play this game.

1. Divide students into two groups. One is the S group. The other the ES group.

2. Hold up the picture of a noun that ends in s or es. Say the name of the object. If necessary, also write its name on the board.

3. The students in the group with the correct letter(s) to make that noun plural jump up. They call out the name of their group. Example: If you hold up the picture of a car, the S students in the S group jump up and call out the letter S.

4. Optional: Any student who does not jump up at the correct time moves to another location in the room. The teacher may ask him to write the words on the board, hold the picture card, or in some way help to conduct the game. 

With this option, the team with the most remaining players after time runs out is the winning team.

Words to Use:

S – rug, bell, tree, cow, dog, cat

ES – bus, fox, church, inch, watch, latch, kiss

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