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Dolch Sight Word List

smiling first grade girl sitting at her desk

The Dolch Sight word list contains both Dolch Sight Word List service words and the nouns listed below.  (Service words are those used very frequently like the, we, you, am, again, always.)

When students learn to spell both the service words and the nouns below, they will be equipped to write interesting sentences and stories confidently.

Dolch Sight Word List - Important Nouns

Printable list

loaf of breadbread

A - apple

B - baby, back, ball, bear, bed, bell, bird, birthday, boat, box, boy, bread, brother

C - cake, car, cat, chair, chicken, children, Christmas, coat, corn, cow

D - day, dog, doll, door, duck

E - egg, eye

F -farm, farmer, father, feet, fire, fish, floor, flower

G - game, garden, girl, good-bye, grass, ground, 

H - hand, head, hill, home, horse, house


K - kitty

L - leg, letter

M - man, men, milk, money, morning, mother

N - name, nest, night

P - paper, party, picture, pig

brown rabbitrabbit

R - rabbit, rain, ring, robin

S - Santa Claus, school, seed, sheep, shoe, sister, snow, song, squirrel, stick, street, sun

T - table, thing, time, top, toy, tree

W - watch, water, way, wind, window, wood

Questions about Dolch words? Read this explanation.

Ideas for Practicing Dolch Nouns

Try these two simple ways for your students to practice reading, writing and spelling the nouns in this Dolch sight word list:

apple written three times

1) Ask the student to write three of these nouns on his paper and draw a picture for each one. Then ask him to write the noun two more times under each picture.

2) Give students a list of 5-10 nouns, each  beginning with a  different letter of the alphabet. Ask the  student to first copy your list, then  write the words again  in ABC order.                        

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