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Sight Words Games

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You'll find several sight words games on our site. Be sure to try them all! Games provide kids with a fun, relaxing way to master those all important sight words, needed for early learning success.

Here's a simple game format you can use over and over with any set of sight words. Students will spell, write and read your choice of sight words over and over again.  See our list of sight word flash cards below.

Sight Words Games: Tic-Tac-Toe

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Use this as a small group activity.

Each student needs paper, pencil and 9 markers for covering spaces on his tic-tac-toe board. Each group needs a set of 9 sight word cards for each round. Select one student in each group to be the leader. 

1. Each student draws a large tic-tac-toe board on her paper.

The leader calls out the first sight word.

Each student writes the word anywhere on her board.

The leader checks the spellings as students write. Students correct spelling as needed.

The leader calls out the rest of the sight words, one at a time, repeating the steps above.

tic tac toe gameboard with sight words

6. When all the tic-tac-toe boards are complete, the leader places the word cards in a large bag or bowl.

Students take turns drawing a word card randomly from the bag. When a student draws a word, he reads it to the rest of the group.

Each player finds that word on his game board and covers it with a marker.

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9. Words are drawn and read until one (or more players) have covered three words in a row in any direction. The first player(s) to cover three in a row wins the round.

Play a few more rounds with the same tic-tac-toe boards, with players taking turns as leader.

As time allows, have students make new tic-tac-toe boards with new sets of sight words.

Sight Word Lists

First grade sight words

Use words from these lists to play many of our sight word games:

Practice Ideas for Sight Words:

playground swingset and the word "play"

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Sight Word Printables - Fun pages on which to practice writing number and color words.

You'll enjoy this free sight word bingo game from my other website. Game card and rules provided!

Fun Spelling Worksheets eBook

Be sure to check out my collection of Fun Spelling Worksheets for grades 1 and 2. 

You'll find lots of all-new pages, not on the website, to help boost your first and second graders' spelling and phonics skills!

For more ideas, try our  spelling worksheets, sight words games, spelling word games and fun activities!

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