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First Grade Sight Words & Flash Cards

first grader standing on hands, upside down

Success with first grade sight words will turn your child's reading and spelling world upside down!

Give your student every possible advantage by providing lots of practice with these essential words. 

Remember that mastering these all important sight words is essential to early learning success in reading, writing and spelling. 

With that in mind, we're furnishing not one, but TWO, free sets of flash cards.

Find lots of Sight Words Lists on our site. We have both the Dolch and the Fry words for your convenience.

Set One

The first set of sight word flash cards is for quick-reading practice.

Here's a screen shot of some of the flash cards. The printable set contains more.

page of flash cards

Set Two

The second set of sight word flash cards is for early-learning spelling practice. These are the same words used in the set above. In most words of 3 or more letters, one letter is missing.

Ask your first grader to supply the missing letter, then read the word.  (Supply the word for the child if necessary.)  

Here's a peek at a few of the flash cards. There are more in the printable set.

page of flash cards

Practice Ideas for First Grade Sight Words

Many young students need lots of practice to master basic sight words. Here are just a few of the games, worksheets and activities on our site. Use the tabs on the left to find more!

Sight Word Games

Here are just two of the games you'll find in our Sight Word Games collection. These games will show you and your students that learning the basics can be fun!

Tic-Tac-Toe Sight Word Game - A simple, fun format that kids can use over and over with any sight words.

What's Missing? - Try these games to build reading, spelling and memory skills!

Sight Word Worksheets and Activities

funny clown worksheet

Sight Words Printables - Two super-fun pags that provide practice with color and number words.

Word Family Worksheets - Worksheet and booklet templates so your students can practice spelling any word family anytime!

Literacy Worksheets for Early Learners: 3 fun reproducibles your kids can customize.

Fun Spelling Worksheets eBook

Be sure to check out my collection of Fun Spelling Worksheets for grades 1 and 2. 

You'll find lots of all-new pages, not on the website, to help boost your first and second graders' spelling and phonics skills!

Visit our collections of phonics activities and phonics worksheets for more helpful resources. Our page of kindergarten sight words and activities contains ideas that will work with first graders, too!

Working ahead? Use these flashcards for Second Grade Sight Words and Third Grade Sight Words.

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Fun Spelling Worksheets for Grades 1-2

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