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Printable Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Silence, Please!

man speaking into a large red megaphone

Printable crossword puzzles for kids add a spark of fun to routine classroom or at-home learning activities.

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Lots of important words contain silent letters. This puzzle features just a few of them. 

On the printable page, write the missing letter in the blank in each clue. Then write the entire word with the silent letter in the puzzle.

Here's a peek at the printable version. The full text of the clues is given below.

Printable Version & Answer

Kids printable crossword - Silence, Please!  See more #printablecrosswordsforkids at www.spelling-words-well.com


1. I ate only one ha_f of my apple.

2. I will invite t_o friends to my party.

4. A stop si_n is red.

5. I like to _rite letters to my uncle.

7. I cut my _nee when I fell on the ground.

8. If you lis_en carefully, you can hear the rain.

10. I like to draw on the board with colored cha_k.

11. How far up the tree can you clim_?

12. The young lam_ stayed close to the rest of the sheep.


1. We will to the park in one _our.

3. We need to turn ri_ _ t at the corner.

6. I want to ta_k to you after school.

7. I am glad that I _now you!

9. The sidewa_k was covered with snow.

10. Cou_d you come over to my house today?

11. I will wash my brush and com__.

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