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Don't Be Scared!

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We have lots of fun, educational crosswords games and word puzzles here! This puzzle is all about phobias. For instance, someone with the fear of computers has cyberphobia. Someone with the fear of dirt has mysophobia.  This puzzle features twenty such fears.  But don't be afraid! Just face your own fears and dig in!


In this crossword , you’ll need to identify the object of fear for the phobia named in each clue. For example, antlophobia is the fear of floods. So if antlophobia was the clue, you would write floods in the crossword. 

Don’t be afraid of this crossword! Think about the meaning of each prefix and you’ll be able to solve many of these without too much difficulty. 

Printable Version and Answers

Don't Be Scared crossword grid


1.      Hydrophobia

3.      Ichthyophobia

4.      Logophobia

6.      Toxiphobia

10.    Tachophobia

11.    Chronophobia

12.    Apiphobia

14.    Carnophobia

15.    Ergophobia

16.    Hypnophobia

17.    Olfactophobia

18.    Heliophobia


2.      Zoophobia

4.      Graphophobia

5.      Arachnophobia

7.      Phonophobia

8.      Dendrophobia

9.      Acrophobia

12.    Bibliophobia

13.    Phyllophobia

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Digging a Little Deeper...

What's the word that describes the phobia of phobias?

Scroll down for the answer.

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Phobophobia, of course!


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