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Crossword Puzzles Printable ,
Fun & Free!

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If you're looking for crossword puzzles printable, rather than interactive, you've come to the right place. Check out our entire collection using the links at the bottom of the page, or the tabs to the right.

A Very Extraordinary Crossword

What makes this crossword so very extraordinary? The answer to every clue ends in ERY, ARY or ORY!  Simply read the clue, think of the right answer and spell it correctly in the diagram. You're sure to have satisfactory experience!

Printable Version & Answers

Here's one of our crossword puzzles printable, fun, free and challenging! It features words that end in ARY, ERY and ORY.


1.    A residence occupied by a community of monks

4.    A line that marks the limits of an area

8.    A story with symbolic characters and events

11.  A book with words, meanings and pronunciations

12.  The annual return of the date of a special event

14.  Next after the first in order, rank, etc.

16.  Done, given or made with one's own free choice

17.  A general division or class

20.  A blood vessel

21.  A series of explanations or comments

22.  Utensils used at the table, such as knoves, forks and spoons

23.  A place equipped for making scientific experiments

24.  First or highest in rank or importance


2.    The craft of working ornamental designs on woven fabric with thread and needle

3.    Not real; existing only in the imagination

5.    A difficulty or dilemma

6.    Third in order or rank

7.    Machine parts or machine systems

9.    Serving to prepare for something

10.  A tract of land; region

12.  Something not necessary, used for convenience, beauty, etc.

13.  Compulsory; ordered by an authority

15.  Based on custom; commonly done, observed or used

18.  Fundamental; relating to the simplest principles of a subject

19.  Not permanent

I'm adding more and more crosswords, so please check back again for more. This one is quite difficult, but I also have new easier crosswords, too!

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Why Use Crosswords?

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The focus of this website is spelling, so why do I have free crossword puzzles printable? Great question! To successfully complete a crossword, you need vocabulary and spelling skills. Any kind of word game that provides this kind of practice in a fun way is a winner in my book!

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