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Preschool Alphabet Game

This just might be the simplest preschool alphabet game you've ever tried! Not only is it easy to play, it's also educational and a lot of fun for your students. Give it a try and see if you agree!

ABC Pop Up!

prechool boy wearing big glasses

Skills: Saying the letters of the alphabet quickly, in order;  Listening

Supplies: 26 index cards on which you've written the letters of the alphabet

To Play:
1. Distribute the letter cards randomly to your students. It's okay if some children have more than one card. 

2. Explain that every time you say, "ABC Pop Up," the student with the A card should pop up and say, "A." Then quickly the student with the B card pops up and says "B" and so on, through the entire alphabet. 

3. Play a few times so that students understand the game. Then move on to another activity. Several times throughout the day, when students might not expect it, call out  "ABC Pop Up." Watch your kids come to life!

After a few rounds, or at the end of the day, collect the cards, shuffle and redistribute them.

If you'd like an extra incentive, award the class 1 point every time the students can say the entire alphabet correctly. Tell them that if they score 5 points (or any score of your choice) by the end of the day, you'll reward them all with a sticker or other prize.

What did we tell you?  Simple, eh?

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toy block with the letters ABC

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