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Free Preschool Activities for Building Language Skills

preschool girl leaning on desk

Use our free preschool activities for fun and learning! The activities on this page can be used at home or in a classroom. You can use them again and again, because there are lots of ways to vary them.

Which One?


Here's a great activity to do with your preschooler as you're riding in the car or working together around the house.

Skills: Beginning consonant sounds, listening

1. Name two items in sight. Pronounce the names of the items.

2. Say to your child, "I see a sock and a toy. Which one starts with an s?"

3. Repeat many more times. When your child gives the correct answer, give her lots of compliments. When she makes a mistake, explain why it is wrong. If necessary, review just a few consonants with her and choose items with only those sounds.

Alphabetical Objects

fresh carrot

Skills: Practice the order of letters in the alphabet, learn the first letters of common objects

1. Begin with 3 items that all begin with a different letter of the alphabet. 

2. Say the names of the objects together with the child.

3. Ask your child to arrange the items in alphabetical order.
Examples of items to use from around the house: 

  • carrot
  • sock
  • pencil
  • book
  • towel
  • apple
  • mug
  • fork
  • hat

4. If your child gets the correct answer, shower him with praise! If he does not, help him find the right answer. 

5. Gradually increase the number of objects. 

More Free Preschool Activities

wooden alphabet blocks

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Beginning sounds game to play on the computer. Children must identify the first letter of a variety of common objects.

ladybug lifting a log

This ABC phonics poem is a great way to work on beginning sounds. One of my personal, fun favorites! See an alligator who ate an apple and a ladybug that can lift a log.

Fun Preschool Phonics Games - 3 simple adaptations of familiar formats with a phonics twist. Teach you favorite preschooler how to play I Spy, Hide & Seek and I'm Going on a Trip...while they learn a lot!

A Pickle or a Tickle  and  Stand Up, Sit Down:  Two fun preschool games for children! Your students will need to listen carefully to initial consonant sounds as they play these entertaining games.

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