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Preschool Phonics Ideas

Try these simple preschool phonics ideas for some learning fun! It's easy to adapt well-known games that kids already know how to play for some letter-learning fun!

I Spy

Here's a peek at the printable page for our first two games. Keep reading below for the full text, as well as a third fun learning game!

Preschool Phonics Printable Page with I Spy and Hide and Seek ideas

Printable Version of I Spy and Hide and Seek

young girl detective with big magnifying glass

There are lots of ways to put a phonics twist on this fun, familiar game. Here are a few ideas:

1. Say, "I spy something that starts with the same sound as ball.  Name the letter and find the object." 

2. Say, "I spy something that starts with the "b" sound. It is not a ball. It is not a book. What is it?"

3. Say, "I spy something that starts with B. It is under a W word and on top of an SH word. What is it?  (This could be a book that's under a window and on top of a shelf.) This version covers several initial sounds and simple prepositions.

Hide and Seek

man peeking out from behind a wall

Here's a preschool phonics adaptation of another classic game.

1. Divide your class into groups of 4-6 students each.

2. Give each group a different, distinct object that can be hidden. (Ideas: yellow tennis ball, green whistle, a special book, etc.)

3. One student hides the object somewhere in the classroom while the others in the group close their eyes.

4. When he's finished, the students open their eyes. The "hider" gives the other students clues, such as,  "I hid the object next to a T object," or "I hid the object under a C object and on top of a B object."  (That could be under the clock and on top of a book.)

5. The student who finds the object first becomes the hider for the next round.

I'm Going on a Trip

Here's a peek at the printable version of  I'm Going on a Trip. The full text also appears below. It's a great way to reinforce beginning sounds with any group of preschoolers. Parents, you can play this one at home, too!

I'm Going on a Trip: Ideas for adapting this fun game for good preschool phonics practice
man with lots of luggage

Here's a preschool phonics adaptation of another classic game.

1. Divide your class into groups of 4-6 students each.

2. Choose one consonant for the first round. For this example, we'll begin with H. Tell students that each of them will choose a different item that begins with H to take on a trip. They will also have to remember which item everyone else in their group is taking.

3. You may wish to start the round as an example. Say, "I am going on a trip, and I am taking a handbag." Instruct the first student to repeat your item, and add another H word. For example, she might say, "I am going on a trip. I am taking a handbag and a hamburger." The next person might say, " I am taking a handbag, a hamburger, and a horse!"  You can easily see how much fun it will be for your students to practice their beginning consonants!

4.  After each student has had one or more turns with the first consonant, begin a new round with a different consonant.

More Preschool Phonics Activities

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