Spelling Exercises

spelling exercises - student writing at his deskIf you're looking for some ready-to-use spelling exercises for your homeschool or classroom students, try some of these sentence sets.

Write 5-10 sentences at a time on the board, from one or more sets below.  Then, to give your students as much practice as possible, ask them to copy the entire sentence on their papers, completing the missing words, or correcting the underlined words as necessary.

Our list of spelling strategies is a great companion to the sentences here.  Use this simple format to write more spelling exercises of your own!

Spelling Exercises

Printable lists of Spelling Exercises

Copying spelling exercises from the board encourages students to read carefully, pay attention to details, and follow directions.
Short vowel sounds

1.  My d__d will wear his r__ d  h__t.
2.  C__n you f__ll this gl__ ss with water?
3.  His p__t  p__ g  sm__lls  b__d today.
4.  If you go  __p the h__ll, you w__ll see us.
5.  Her j__b is to s__ll p__p and h__t  d__gs at the game.
6.  When I b__t  my l__p, I wanted a h__g from M__m.
7.  Will you c__t  this b__g   b__n for me, please?
8.  The k__d looked very s__lly wearing the p__nk w__g!
9.  L__t's look at the m__p before we go on the tr__p.
10.  If my h__n is the b__ggest, I might w__n a prize.

Long vowel sounds

1. It s__ __ms  I  m__de a mistake.
2. Pl__ ___ se  help me sl __ de  this tr _ y  under the large st __n e.two sheep
3.  The l __ __ __ t will help me to s __ __ in the dark.
4.  I would l__k __ to hear you sing a t__n _   before you go aw__ __.
5. Let's go h__m __  and w__ __t for our favorite show to come on.
6. Did you dr__v __  into the r__ __ __ t  parking sp__c__?
7. It's a tr__ __ t to have the President come to our st__ t __.
8. Wh__  is  Sammy always so k__nd?
9. Thr__ __ and f__v _   will always equal  e __ __ __  t.
10. The farmer f__ __ ds  his sh __ __ p  twice  __ __ch day.

Double the consonant?

traffic jam 1.  This bus will be stoping in a few minutes.
2.  The crowd claped for a long time for the circus act.
3.  Traffic was jamed on Main Street all morning.
4.  Our reading class meets at ten o-clock.
5.  Is the sick puppy geting better?
6.  That is the redest sunset I've ever seen!
7.  We were rowing the canoe for two hours.
8.  No one wants to be known as a quiter.
9.  We skiped TV so we could play outside.
10. May I borrow your coloring book?

Drop the e?

1.  Mr. Jones was hopeing I would visit him on his birthdayjack o lantern
2. I truely love the autumn!
3. My brother had a very scarey Halloween costume.
4. Grandpa is outside hoeing the garden.
5. The baseball game ended in the nineth inning.
6. We learned about divideing in math class.
7. The newborn baby was so loveable!
8. I think rideing the bus to school is better than walking.
9. Mrs. Smith has been careing for her husband for a long time.
10. The snowstorm was unbelieveable!

These spelling exercises are just one type of practice activity. You'll find lots more ideas throughout our site, including spelling worksheets, spelling homework, spelling word games and more.

Short vowels - 1.  dad, red, hat   2. can, fill, glass  3. pet, pig, smells, bad 4. up, hill, will   5. job, sell, pop, hot, dogs  6. bit, lip, hugs, Mom  7.  cut, big, bun  8. kid, silly, pink, wig  9. Let's, map, trip  10. hen, biggest, win
Long vowels - 1. seems, made  2. Please, slide, tray, stone  3. light, see 4. like, tune, away  5. home, wait   6. drive, right, space  7. treat, state  8. Why, kind  9. three, five, eight  10. feeds, sheep, each
Double - 1. stopping  2. clapped  3. jammed  4. reading  5. getting  6. reddest  7. rowing  8. quitter  9. skipped  10. coloring
Drop - 1. hoped  2. truly  3. scary  4. hoeing  5. baseball, ninth  6. dividing  7. lovable  8. riding  9. caring  10. unbelievable

We'll be adding more spelling exercises as our site grows.
Why not contact us and tell us what you'd like to see next?

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