Sight Word Games

Use these fun sight word games to help your child learn to read and spell!
Some of these games are printable. Other games are playful activities that require little preparation. Why not scroll through the list and try them all?

As you probably know, early learning success hinges on reading fluency and comprehension. When students stop and stumble over sight words, it's difficult for them to read through entire sentences and paragraphs to understand the sense of the passage. When students know how to spell these crucial words at an early age, they also have a head start on successful writing.sight words written on cards

Love the Letters! - Three fun activities for partners using any sight words.

Tic-Tac-Toe Sight Word Game - A simple, fun format that kids can use over and over with any sight words.
swingset - play
What's Missing? - Try these games to build reading, spelling and memory skills!

More Activities to Learn Basic Sight Words! - Links to popular sight word lists and fun ways to learn them

Sight Word Printables - Fun pages on which to practice writing number and color words.

crayonsKindergarten sight words and activities Super-simple ways to help kindergarten practice the essentials.

colorful game boardColor Land - Players follow a colorful game board and spell color words all along the way.

Clip Count -  Your kids will practice reading number words, counting and spelling in this easy-to-prepare game. What could be better?

Bingo Sight Word Games - Printable game cards are ready-to-go! From our sister site,

Give your students more practice with our Fun Spelling Worksheets. We also recommend this set of over 300 fun online learning games  offered by one of our affiliates.

Word Lists to Use in Sight Word Games:

For great sight word practice try one or more of these specially chosen   Amazon products.

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