Spelling Word Lists

We gathered spelling word lists from all over our site into this one convenient page. Just choose the grade level you need from the list below.  You'll find free printable lists at each link.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Use our printable spelling lists of 30 sample words at each grade level. Follow the instructions there to get a rough idea of the best place to start your student.

Grade-Level Spelling Word Lists

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Sight word lists - An assortment of the building-block words in English for preK - grade 3

1st grade spelling word list - An all-purpose list of 200 words for first graders to learn. Includes sight words, short and long vowel words, and more.  We also have two shorter lists of 1st grade words:

2nd grade spelling words - 175 important words for second graders

3rd grade spelling words - 200 fundamental words for third graders to study and use 

4th grade spelling words - 300 useful words for kids with growing vocabularies

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5th grade spelling words - 300 words to help your students succeed

6th grade spelling words - Another set of 300 words for your students to learn and practice

7th grade spelling words - 300 words that provide practice in important grade-level words.

8th grade spelling words - 250 challenging words for the growing vocabularies of junior high students

9th grade spelling words - 200 words, tough enough to challenge most adults!

Please note: Our lists fit general guidelines. Curricula and students' abilities vary widely. So be sure to check more than one grade level to find exactly the words you need.

AnyWord Complete Set of 3 Books

Looking for a great way to practice all these spelling words? Check out our AnyWord Book Series! Three eBooks of fun worksheets, games and partner activities that you can use with Any Spelling Words!

Spelling Bee Word Lists

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Find our spelling bee word lists for grades 3-8 here.

If you need a lot of words, please take a look at our Spelling Bee Toolboxes. Each eBook contains 600 words and sentences, plus spelling bee rules, tips, certificates, and student helps. It's really the only resource you'll need for a successful spelling bee!

Spelling Skill-Building Aids

Here's a great book for upper grade students to use to boost their own spelling skills, or for parents and teachers to use with their students: Better Spelling in 30 Minutes a Day (Better English Series) Available on Amazon, it's easy to use,  easy to understand. I heartily recommend it!

For more great spelling, practice try our

Spelling Worksheets

Spelling Word Games

Spelling Lessons

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600 Spelling Bee Words & Sentences for Gr 3/5 & 6/8 Extra words & sentences at two levels

101 Word Play Puzzlers   Build spelling and vocab skills in upper grade and adult students. Lots of fun for word-play fans!