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Home Spelling Words

Interior of a house, from our list of 100 Home Spelling Words

This list of 100 Home Spelling Words contains lots of items that are commonly used in and around the home. Words range from simple and very common (bed, floor, sink) to the difficult and not-so-common (bureau, chandelier).

No matter your student's age, there are important words here to be mastered! Don't miss the extension activities near the bottom of the page. 

Home Spelling Words

Printable List

List of 100 Home Spelling Words

Here are the words that are included in the printable list:

floor, bed, sink, mugs, books, lamp, house, roof, chair, table, dishes, food, sofa, shower, couch, counter, blanket, stove, loft, carpet, glasses, water, towel, iron, blinds, dresser, kettle, remote, garden, window, closet, attic, pillow, bookcase, drapes, toaster, patio, curtain, mattress, shelves, linens, freezer, battery, light bulbs, cabinet, backyard, outlet, balcony, luggage, furniture, banister, chimney, charger, headphones, fixture, ceiling, cushions, washing machine, furnace, microwave, plumbing, utensils, awning, pictures, fireplace, faucet, cellar, mirror, insulation, drawers, computer, garage, colander, silverware, futon, stereo, umbrella, cupboard, clothes dryer, decorations, television, dining room, living room, basement, hallway, bathroom, utility room, bureau, kitchen, keyboard, magazines, air conditioner, wastebasket, scissors, refrigerator, food dehydrator, entertainment center, vacuum cleaner, knickknacks, chandelier

Extension Activities

Ask comprehension questions that use many of the words on the list. Ask your student(s) to WRITE their answers to your questions. This provides good practice in correct word usage and spelling.

Here are some sample questions to use, and some possible answers. You can write additional questions of your own. 

1. List ten items from the list that are usually found in the kitchen. (sink, mugs, chair, table, dishes, counter, kettle, toaster, cabinet, microwave, faucet, colander, silverware, refrigerator, etc.)

2. Which items usually use electricity?  (stove, iron, kettle, toaster, freezer, charger, washing machine, microwave, computer, clothes dryer, keyboard, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner)

3. Which items can be found outside the home? (garden, patio, backyard, awning, chimney, garage)

4. Which two words refer to places in which food or dishes are stored? (cabinet, cupboard)

5. Which words on the list are one-word compounds? (bookcase, backyard, outlet, headphones, fireplace, silverware, cupboard, hallway, bathroom, keyboard)

6. Choose your 20 favorite items on the list. Write them in alphabetical order.

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