Spelling Word Games

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Few things are better than Spelling Word Games to add excitement to your spelling class. Use our free, easy-to-use games to make spelling practice FUN! 

Free Phonics Games

Letter Lane - Phonics game board

Letter Lane - A phomenic awareness board game that features beginning consonant sounds for the letters b,d,f and m. No reading is necessary.

Picture This Phonic Game - We think your early learners will enjoy this activity featuring short vowel words.  Which player can cover the most pictures?

Picture Perfect Game - More engaging pictures on this game board, featuring long vowel words. Fun for everyone!

Check out our collection of fun, free preschool games!

More Classroom Spelling Word Games

Sight Word Games - Check out our new collection of sight word games!

Memory Matches - Use a familiar format to practice beginning sounds and letters. Free printable game cards included!  For PreK-K

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Stand Up, Sit Down - You and your kids are sure to love this game that asks kids to listen to consonant sounds and to move! For PreK-K

Roll It! - Easy-to-make spelling word games. Roll the consonants around the tube to spell new words. Great at home or at school. For grades 1-2

Hands Up and Hop to It!- These simple, fun games will get your kids' attention, and keep it. For grades 1-4.

Elementary spelling games - Color Land game board

Color Land GameKids practice spelling color words as they try to reach the finish line. Fun for grades 1 - 2.

Compound Word Wizards - Whole class  or large-group activity for practicing compound  word. For grades 2 - 4.

Double the Fun - To double or not to double the final consonant when adding a suffix? Another great game for spelling fun!  For grades 3 - 5.

We also recommend this set of over 300 fun online learning games  offered by one of our affiliates.

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Spelling Bee Games - Try one of our new Silent Spelling Bee variations. A fun--and quiet--twist on  a classic game! For grades 2-6.

Another Spelling Bee Game - Students step up to victory as they help their team advance in this fun new game. For grades 2-6.

Free spelling activities for two players - "Shady Spelling"  Printable game boards for two players. Grades 2, 3 and 4.

More Spelling Fun for Kids - A new spelling word game to play on a Scrabble game board. Mumbo-jumbo, anyone?  Grades 2 - 5.

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Consonant vs. Vowels - A challenging game for spelling review!
Grades 4 - 6.

Fifty-Fifty - Fun word game for kids. Older students earn points as they engage in word play and spelling fun. Grades 4 - 8.

Missing Letters and In Between - Two super-simple ways for students to practice spelling, develop their vocabulary and practice dictionary skills. Grades 4 - 8.

Interactive Spelling Games

NEW! Online Spelling Bee Game - Test your knowledge of some challenging spelling words. What score will you earn?

Here's another fun spelling bee quiz you're sure to love!

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Try our Online Spelling Game for Homonym Practice!   Best for upper elementary, middle school, high school students and even adults. Fun and easy to use.

This Spelling Game Online is for 2nd - 4th graders. Kids just love to correct our mistakes!

Commercially produced kids' spelling word games, like Boggle  (TM) and Scrabble (TM) also provide a nice change of pace. We'll give you our best guidelines for making these games work for you in the classroom. Plus we'll recommend a few of our favorite games.

Our site is bursting with fun new ideas! Don't miss our  spelling worksheets and spelling homework ideas.

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Fun Spelling Worksheets for Grades 1/2  50 All-new reproducible pages for early learners!

 AnyWord Spelling Practice Series Worksheets, games & prompts that work with almost ANY spelling words! 

Spelling Bee Primer New comprehensive resource for students and families!

Spelling Bee Toolboxes for Grades 3/5 and 6/8   All the resources you need for a successful bee! On Sale!

Monumental Spelling Bee Lists with definitions, sentences and language of origin

Colossal Spelling Bee ebooks

Colossal Spelling Bee Word Lists  Definitions, parts of speech & sentences included for 600 words, at two levels

100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words, Definitions & Sentences  Our toughest list, for upper grades and adults!

600 Spelling Bee Words & Sentences for Gr 3/5 & 6/8 Extra words & sentences at two levels

101 Word Play Puzzlers   Build spelling and vocab skills in upper grade and adult students. Lots of fun for word-play fans!