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5th Grade Spelling Activities

5th grade spelling student carrying books and a shoulder bag

Your 5th grade spelling activities should include:

  • Standard spelling word practice 
  • Practice with words from the students' science, social studies and other content areas
  • Spelling and vocabulary enrichment

By fifth grade, your students' interests and abilities are varying more and more from student to student. By allowing  students to explore new information in their areas of interest, it will be easier to keep your students engaged in learning. See our list of typical 5th grade spelling words here.

By this age, no doubt you'll be asking students to write about their new areas of interest. And so, they need to learn to spell the words they're using.

5th Grade Spelling Practice Activities

Here are two different activities that focus on separate skills: spelling and alphabetization. Your kids/students will enjoy these when you present them as a fun alternative to traditional workbook pages!

Missing Letters

The missing letters for all the words can be listed in a box -- or not

Here's a super-simple idea that's great for board work or a worksheet. Make a list of spelling words like this:

__ a v __ __ i t __   (favorite)
d __ t __  r __  __ n e  (determine)
c __ __ t i __ __ n t   (continent)

computer keyboard with a key marked "Spelling"

Ask students to fill in the blanks to complete the spelling/vocabulary words. For extra practice, ask them to write each complete word again and also use it in a sentence.

Students can write or type word lists like this for each other. This not only saves you a lot of work, it also gives students extra practice as they both make and solve these spelling words.

In Between

open dictionary page

Dictionary skills go hand in hand with spelling skills. Here's another simple idea that challenges vocabulary and spelling skills.

Write two guide words on the board. You can think of your own guide words or get them from a dictionary. Here are two examples. 

 1) canyon - cat                 2) strange - strike

Ask students to write one set of guide words on their papers.
Give students 2 minutes to write as many words as possible that come between the two guide words alphabetically. When time is up, have students exchange papers to check each other's  accuracy. Questionable spellings should be checked in a dictionary.

For extra practice, ask students to alphabetize their lists of words.

Words that might be added:
1) cap, capsize, carpet, castle, carriage, cascade, capital
2) stray, strap, strength, street, stream, streak, stress, strict



Or make the activity into a classroom game. Arrange students into two teams. Write a  different set of guide words on the board for each team.  Set a time period of 5 or 10 minutes.

Have 1 player from each team come to the board and write 1 word under the team's guide words. As soon as the player returns to his seat, the next player writes another word, and so on. At the end of the time period, the team with the most correct words wins the round.

More Spelling Resources

Try some of our spelling worksheets and spelling word games for more fun practice. Here are just a few from our larger collections:

crossword diagram

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AnyWord Spelling Practice eBooks

For more fun spelling practice, try our AnyWord Spelling Practice Series. In these three eBooks, you'll  find word play worksheets, writing prompts and partner games and activities that work with almost any list of spelling words!

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Think-A-Spell! A fun collection of brain teasers and spelling challenges. Best for ages 10 to adult. 

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