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Spelling Word Games for Kids

Word games for kids are one of the best ways to reinforce spelling skills. Games provide a nice change of pace for everyone!

Here's a game that works well for kids who are old enough to enjoy some word play. It's fun to play, and students will grades 4-8 will catch on quickly!

Word Games for Kids: Fifty-Fifty

Learning words in context is always a key part of spelling words well. In this game, note that when a student spells a new word, she must also be able to use it correctly in a sentence.

Printable Rules, Word Cards and Answer Key

Players: 2

Skills: Spelling, word play, vocabulary

Grade level:

Supplies: Word cards, one standard die, answer key, paper and pencil to keep score.

Here's a peek at our printable RULES. The full text also appears below.

Word Games for Kids : Rules to play our Fifty-Fifty spelling game
green playing die

To Play:

1. Print out our word cards and laminate if you like. Or, make your own word cards. (Our cards contain words from our 4th-5th grade lists. It’s best to choose words that aren’t too long.) Print the answer key for the teacher to keep at her desk as a reference.

2. Cut out the cards, shuffle, and place face down on the table.

3. Player 1 turns over a card and rolls the die.

4. He tries to form a new word, following these guidelines:

  • If a 1 or 2 is rolled, add one letter to the word and earn 2 points       
  • If a 3 or 4 is rolled, subtract a letter from the word and earn 4 points 
  • If a 5 is rolled, change one letter to make another word and earn 5 points
  • If a 6 is rolled, rearrange all the letters in the word and earn 6 points

5. Each time a player forms a new word, he may rearrange the letters in the original word. Note: It is not always possible to form a new word. To earn points, the player must also use the new word correctly in a sentence.

6. Player 2 takes his turn in the same manner.

6th grade student writing at desk

7. If a player is unable to form a new word following the guidelines above, he receives no points for that turn, and the other player takes his turn.

8. If a player draws LOSE A TURN, he does not make a new word on that turn.

9. If a player draws TAKE AN EXTRA TURN, he draws a word card, rolls a die, and earns points. Then he draws a second card, rolls and scores again.

10. The first player to score 50 points wins.

Here's a peek at the printable word cards and possible solutions:

Word Games for Kids - Word Cards
Word Games for Kids - Possible Solutions, Part 1
Word Games for Kids - Possible Solutions, Part 2


student's hand, writing on his paper

Player 1 draws the word QUIET and rolls a 3. He subtracts the E and spells QUIT. He says the sentence, I won't quit writing until I've finished the story.  He receives 4 points.

Player 2 draws the word COUCH and rolls a 1. She adds an R and spells CROUCH. She says, I saw the cat crouch behind the tree and then pounce on the mouse.  She receives 2 points.

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Many of our games are adaptable to different grade levels. Try some this week!

You can find more word games for kids by clicking the link below. We also have lots of worksheets, word lists and other spelling resources throughout our site. Please take a look around!


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