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Fun Spelling Games

Use some fun spelling games from time to tome to spark interest in your upper-grade students.  These simple games will add variety to language instruction, and they have built-in vocabulary enrichment, too!

Game #1 - Word Sandwiches

Hamburger clip art

To solve a "word sandwich," students need to add a short word in the blanks between the first and last letters that are already supplied. A definition is provided to help them identify the missing word. 

Example:  T _ _ _ B   Insert a soft droning sound to spell a part of the body.   Answer:  T H U M B

Ask students to first solve these ten words. Then assign students to work in pairs to make at least 3 more word sandwiches to share with the class.

1.   S _ _ _ K    Insert a small vegetable and have to utter.

2.   W _ _ _ H    Insert a small animal and have anger. 

3.   H _ _ _ T   Insert a part of the body and have another organ of the body.

4.   F _ _ _ S   Insert a fib and have annoying winged insects.

5.   S _ _ _ E   Insert a small piece of metal and have the backbone.

6.   S _ _ _ E    Insert a label and have a raised platform.

7.   G _ _ _ _ S   Insert to wander and have groups of trees.

8.   T _ _ _ _ Y    Insert to corrode and have reliable. 


Game #2   The Vowel Game

The letters A, E, I, O and U

Here's another fun spelling game that you can play several times with the entire class. It requires no preparation! 

Make sure each student has a piece of paper and a pencil.  Start with the vowel A.  Ask each student to write as long  a sentence as possible using no vowels other than A. 

Allow five minutes for students to work.  When time is up, ask students to share their sentences. (Optional: Award a point or small prize to the student with the longest sensible sentence.)

As time allows, move onto the vowel E, and so on. 

Game #3  Words in Words

red chrysanthemumchrysanthemum

Make sure each student has a piece of paper and pencil. Write the word CHRYSANTHEMUM on the board. (Note the correct spelling!)  Ask students to copy the word on the top of their papers and number their lines from 1 to 10. 

Next, read of these definitions aloud. Instruct students to find a word that matches your definition that can be spelled with the letters in CHRYSANTHEMUM.  Tell them to write the correct word next to each number.  Note: Some answers are quite easy; others are a bit difficult.

"Chrysanthemum" Definitions

1. A fable

2. What healthy people do

3. A city in Greece

4. Something that is worn

5. Needed to start a fire

6. An odor

7. An autumn flower

8. To hurry

9. A domestic animal

10. An insect

Assign students to work in pairs to select a new large word, find words inside that word, and write short definitions for ten of those words.  Keep these words and definitions available  so that you can play the game again at a later date. 


More Fun Spelling Games

Two callouts filled with gibberish

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Consonant vs. Vowels - A challenging game for spelling review! For grades 4 - 6.

Fifty-Fifty - Fun word game for kids. Older students earn points as they engage in word play and spelling fun. For grades 4 - 8.

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