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Third Grade Games for Spelling

compound word part cards

Are you looking for some new third grade games for your spelling class? If so, we think you'll like this idea!

You can play this game again and again with new word parts.

Compound Word Wizards

Third graders are ready and eager to read, write and spell all sorts of compound words. This fun activity can be played with a large group of students, or with the entire class. Give it a try!

Key Spelling Concept: When forming compound words, do not change the spelling of either word. Simply put them together.  

View the printable version here, or read the full text below.

Third grade games for spelling fun, page 1
Third grade games for spelling fun, page 2

1. First you'll need a set of word cards. Use 3" x 5" index cards, Write  a different word on each one. Be sure you have enough cards so that each student can have one. Use words that are commonly part of compound words, such as:

any down head no some
black end high one thing
body every in out time
book field light over up
board hand look side walk

2. Pass out the word cards.

3. Call one student to the front of the class. Ask him to read his word
and write it on the board.

4. Ask all students who think they have a word that can form a compound word with the first word to come to the front. Have them write the compound word that can be formed. 

You can use these third grade games and activities again and again with new words and spelling concepts.

5. Ask the students who are in their seats to confirm:
A) If the words are actual words, and
B) If the words are spelled correctly.

6. All students should copy the words from the board onto their own list. Or, you can start a giant word wall of compound words.  

7. Select another student to come to the front with her word. Repeat the process until most words have been formed.

Here are a few of the words that can be spelled with our list: outfield, bookend, headlight, sidewalk, somebody.

Note: Compound words will be written more than once. For example, when any is written on the board, anything can be formed. When thing is on the board,  the student with any may return to the front and spell anything again. Repeating words in this way is great practice!    

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