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Word Spelling Games :
Spelling Baseball

baseball field

Spelling Baseball is one of the most popular word spelling games I know! You can provide fun spelling practice with this game again and again as you update your spelling review word list. 

Keep reading for a complete explanation of the game rules. Then see my list of sample spelling words suitable for use with students in about grades 4-5. 

Spelling Bee Directions

1. Draw a baseball diamond on a dry-erase board.

2. Choose an emcee and a scorekeeper. The emcee reads the spelling words. The scorekeeper keeps track of base runners, runs, and outs.

3. Divide the players into two teams.

4. Decide how many innings will be played.

Baseball diamond and scoreboard for Spelling Baseball

5. The emcee reads a word to the first player on Team 1. It will be either a single, double, triple or HR, based on difficulty.

6. If the player spells the word correctly, the scorekeeper puts an X on the proper base. For instance, if the player answer a SINGLE correctly, the scorekeeper draws an X on first base.

7. If the player answers incorrectly, he makes an out.

baseball player swinging a bat

8. The next player comes to bat. If he answers correctly, the scorekeeper advances the first base runner and adds another. Note: There are no stolen bases. Runners only advance as far as the batter. For example, suppose there is a runner on first base. The batter correctly answers a DOUBLE. The runner on first advances to third base, and the batter goes to second base.

9. Play continues until Team 1 has 3 outs.

10. Team 2 goes to bat for the bottom of the first inning.

11. The team with the most runs when the game ends is the winner.

Sample Spelling Words to Use:

You should use spelling words that are appropriate to the level of your students. Here is a sample list of spelling words that could be used for approximately 4th or 5th grade. It is very easy to adapt this game to any grade.  Words are labeled S for Single, D for Double, T for Triple and HR for Home Run. 

1. button - S

2. aunt - S

3. cousin - D

4. dawn - S

5. enough - T

6. caring - S

7. building - D

8. between - S

9. committee - HR

10. blown - S

11.  depth - D

12. chance - S

13. banana - D

14. crooked - S

15. proper - S

16. abbreviation - HR

17. either - T

18. false - S

19. coin - S

20. forty - D

21. listen - S

22. monkey - S

23. nickel - D

24. guarantee - HR

25. action - S

26. hospital - D

27. circle - S

28. worse - S

29. cinnamon - T

30. occasion - HR

Find LOTS more spelling words on my graded spelling word lists. If you need words for a sixth grade game, for example, print out the word lists for grades 6 - 9. Use words from the 6th grade list for singles, and words from the 7th grade list for doubles and triples. Find home run words on the 8th and 9th grade lists. 

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Author Ann Richmond Fisher

Ann Richmond Fisher is a longtime published educational writer, a former classroom teacher and a former homeschool teacher. Ann's spelling bee resources, graded spelling word lists, spelling games, worksheets, and other language arts resources have become respected around the globe since she launched Spelling-Words-Well in 2010.

Ann is also the creator of www.word-game-world.com.


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