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ABC Learning Games

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Use our ABC learning games to teach and reinforce letter recognition and letter sounds. Oral lessons and worksheets are good, but sometimes there's nothing better than some free preschool games for learning excitement!

Stand Up, Sit Down

Skill: Auditory discrimination
Players: Whole class
Supplies: List of similar words, like the ones listed below, that focus on initial consonant sounds

a beach and a peach

1. Tell students that you will be calling out pairs of similar words. Remind them to listen very carefully to the sounds at the beginning of each word.

2. If the words are exactly the same, children should remain seated. If the words are different, the children should stand up.

3. Call out pairs of words such as the ones listed here.

Easier Word Pairs:










More Difficult Word Pairs:










Notice that words like beach and peach are more difficult to discern than top and pop.  Use the difficulty level that's best for your group of students.

4. Play until time runs out.

Team Variation:

1. Divide the class into two teams.
2. Play as described above, except that when a student makes a mistake, he is out of the game.
3. The team with the most players still in the game when time runs out is the winning team.

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