Spelling Bee Games

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Good old-fashioned spelling bee games can provide some fantastic spelling practice! The competitive nature of these games encourages kids to study hard and work together  to produce a winning strategy.

 Silent Spelling Bee Games 

Yes, it's possible to spell silently -- with the help of some dry-erase boards, or even paper and pencil! I think you'll really like these!

Variation 1

whiteboard to use in spelling bee games1. Divide your class into two teams. Have each team line up on opposite sides of the classroom.

2. Give the first person in each team a dry-erase board and marker (or a clean sheet of paper and pencil).

3. Announce the first word to be spelled.

Note: Because there is no talking and the writing is hidden from the other team, both groups can spell the same word at the same time.4. All team members are to remain silent as the first player on each team writes the spelling word.

5. The player passes the board to the second player. He is allowed to keep the word as is, or to correct it.

6. When the teacher calls time, the second person on each team  reveals the spelling of the word to everyone.

7. The teacher awards 1 point for every correct word.

8. For the next spelling word, the player with the board passes it to the third player on the team. Play continues in the same manner.

9. At the end of the time period, the winning team is the one with the most points.

Variation 2

smiling female studentThis time, ask the first person in each team to write only the first letter of the word on the dry-erase board. She then hands the board to the second player who adds the next letter, and so on.

When a team member has added the last letter to the word, the next person on the team checks it. He may leave the word as is, or correct any or all of the letters in it.

Additional Resources

Here's another one of our spelling bee games. In this one, the students do talk!

We've compiled a list of spelling bee practice ideas for individual students. A printable version is included for your convenience.

spelling bee toolbox ebooksUse our basic spelling bee rules to run your next classroom spelling competition. We cover the basics in a concise list.

To conduct your own school spelling bee, consider using our Spelling Bee Toolboxes. They contain all the resources you need for a successful spelling bee!

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