9th Grade Vocabulary &
Spelling Activities

callout with question about "dexterous"Here's a simple idea for boosting 9th grade vocabulary and spelling skills that you can use anytime throughout the year, with any words.

Your students can even help create the 9th grade vocabulary assignments!

This activity asks students to do two things:

  • Choose the correct spelling of some tricky words AND
  • Choose the correct usage of those words.

To create this activity:

  1. Make a list of 10-15 words that you want students to practice.
  2. Write each word correctly and incorrectly in a word box on the board or on a worksheet.
  3. Write a sentence that uses each word correctly, but omit the vocabulary word.

Sample Activity

Here's an example of words and sentences you might use, with words from our list of 9th grade spelling words.

Word box:

citadel/citidel impass/impasse hinderance/hindrance
chasm/kasm dexterous/dextrous exageration/exaggeration


1. The negotiations between the workers and the owners came to an _________________.

2. A deep _________ separated the rescuers from the stranded hikers.

3. The ____________ provided great protection for the citizenry.

4. A driving rainstorm was a serious ________ to the ambulance driver.

5. The advertiser's claim about the benefits of the diet program proved to be a huge _________________.

6. It takes a ________________ hand to operate this delicate machinary. 


1. impasse 2.chasm 3. citadel 4. hindrance 5. exaggeration 6. dexterous

How can students help?

I'm so glad you asked!opened dictionary

  • First come up with a master list of about 100 words you want students to practice during the year.
  • Then assign about 4 or 5 words from your list to each student. Ask students to thoroughly research each of his words so that he is able to use it correctly in a sentence.
  • Next, ask students write a good sentence for each of his words, including both the correct answer and a possible incorrect spelling.
  • Then collect each student's work. Group sentences into sets of 10-12 sentences each.  For each set, create one worksheet or board work assignment to practice one portion of your 9th grade vocabulary wor list. Place all the words and alternate spellings for each set in a word box, and write the sentences underneath.

You'll have enough material to make up to 10 worksheets, and your main jobs have been only to organize and type/write the information!

Two BIG benefits:

  • Students learn a lot of words throughout the year.
  • You provide meaningful 9th grade vocabulary and spelling practice with limited amounts of your own time spent.

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