Grade 1 Spelling Words

Words with Long Vowel Sounds

3 pairs of bare feetGrade 1 Spelling words include words with both long and short vowel sounds, as well as nouns, verbs, color and number words, and many sight words.

This chart contains 60 relatively simple words with long vowel sounds for first grade spelling.

Print this list of Grade 1 Spelling Words.

Word family
-ay day say pay way
-ate date gate late skate
-ake bake cake lake snake
-ave cave save wave pave
-ame came game name same
-e/ee be he see tree
-eet meet feet beet
-eed feed need seed speed
-y my by dry try
-ide ride side wide slide
-ike bike like
-ive dive five drive
-o no so go
-one bone cone tone stone
-ope hope rope
-ose nose hose rose
-ule rule mule
-ube cube tube

grade 1 studentNot all first graders will master all of these words. But when spelling words are presented in the word families as shown, most students are able to learn a lot of words quickly.

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