Printable Spelling Worksheets

The printable spelling worksheets on this page will provide your steacher at photocopiertudents fun practice in spotting and spelling troublesome words, said, friend, eight, and because. What better format to use than a word search puzzle? 

We’ve made 4 short half-sheet puzzles for you to use as homework, for seatwork or at a learning center in your classroom. Scroll down to see a list of more free spelling worksheets.

Print all 4 word puzzle worksheets
Print answers.
How long will it take you to find said spelled correctly 9 times?

word search puzzle - SAID

In this puzzle, students need to find friend, spelled correctly just 5 times. 

word search puzzle with FRIEND

Can you figure out this 8? The word eight appears exactly 8 times.

 word search - eight

Finally, we focus on that frequently misspelled word, because. It's your job to count the number of times it is spelled correctly in this puzzle.

word search - because

Print all 4 word puzzle worksheets
Print answers.
Why not make some of your own printable worksheets, following this format, with words that are troublesome for your learners?

Better yet
, let the students make puzzles like this for each other. What better way to practice spelling words over and over?   Provide graph paper on which students can write their puzzles. Then photocopy the finished puzzles to share.

You may also be interested in these printable spelling worksheets:

Free Spelling Worksheets - Can You Spell Well?: If kids identify all of
the incorrectly spelled words, they'll be able to SEE the results as they shade in the correct answers.  

Spelling crossword puzzle - Here's a fun way to practice spellingthose tricky plural nouns.

Mystery In the Attic Spelling Worksheet:  Kids read a humorous story about a mysterious attic as they choose correctly/incorrectly spelled words.
Elementary worksheets - Swap Sheets #1 and #2 - These flexible spelling pages are a brilliant way for students to practice writing their spelling words over and over -- without your instruction!  

Fun classroom worksheets - Swap Sheets #3 and #4 - More pages that are fun and flexible. They'll save you a lot of time and can be reused throughout the year.  

Find more by going to our main spelling worksheet page. For young learners, check out our Fun Spelling Worksheets eBook for grades 1-2.

This list of 100 tricky elementary spelling words is one you should refer to frequently. These are high-frequency words that kids often misspell.

REMEMBER: It's been shown that the best way to be sure elementary students are really spelling well is not by giving them lots of spelling quizzes, but by giving them lots of written practice with words in context.

The puzzle worksheets like the ones on this page are terrific for helping kids recognize the correct spellings. But they must also use the words. So, give kids frequent written exercises -- creative writing, English workbook pages, grammar exercises, letter writing and more.

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