Spelling Quizzes
from the Evening News

These wacky spelling quizzes are a fun way to practice many commonly misspelled words. See how many mistakes you can find in each fake news report. Then check your answers.  

Teachers, we've made a printable version of these short reports with spaces for students to write each misspelled word correctly. You can assign just one story at time for short review periods, if you prefer.

Weather Report

weather reporterTodays weather will be chili and windy. Be sure to bundle up so you don’t catch a cold, or even worse, pnuemonia!

This evening tempertures will plummet further, droping to probly ten degrees below freezing.

Tomorrow we’ll begin a pleasent warming trend, although I can’t garantee perfect weather. By the afternoon, we’re likly to expereince thunder, lightening and heavy rain. I reccommend you carry an umbrella if your going to be outside.

Today's, chilly, pneumonia, temperatures, dropping, probably, pleasant, guarantee, likely, experience, lightning, recommend, you're

News Updatenewscast

On Wednsday, the goverment released it’s latest environmental report for our county. It stated our inland lakes are not contaminated as first suspected. 

In fact, the efforts by our local busineses to reduce both water and air pollution are producing excellent results. Two independant studies are in agreement with these latest findings.

Wednesday, government, its, business, independent

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Sports Report

baseball batterOutfielder Joe Smith put in an unbelieveable performence yesterday, hiting a record forteen home runs in a single game. Needless to say, he and his teamates were the winners of the game.

 When asked how he was able to hit so many balls out of the park, Joe answered, “I am in better physical condition then ever before. I’ve been lifting hunderd-pound wieghts with my index finger, joging eigty miles a day, and exaggerating just a little!"

unbelievable, performance, hitting, fourteen, teammates, (then)than, hundred, weights, jogging, eighty

Traffic Update

car pile-upIts neccesary to avoid the westbound lane of the expressway between exits 9 and 11. A truck carring a load of fresh fruits and vegetables overturned, spilling carrots, beets, onions and bananas all over the road.

Police say the pavement is extremly slick and messy. They say the bananas have especialy caused problems because of there slippery skins. Road crews expect to have the highway cleared within the next hour.

Also, on Highway 6 there is a five-car accident, caused when a car stoped suddenly to avoid three deer that ran out in front of it. So you’ll definitly want avoid that area.

It's, necessary, carrying, extremely, especially, their (slippery skins), stopped, definitely

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