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Free Spelling Tests

These free spelling tests cover 20 tough, frequently misspelled words. How well will you score? 

Try Test #1 first, then try some even more difficult words on Test #2!

Test #1

Read the definition and example sentence for each word. Decide which of the possible spellings is the correct one. Check your answers at the bottom when you've finished.

Printable Version of Test #1

Here's a quick peek at the first test. The full versions of both tests can be found below.

Free Spelling Tests, Test #1, page 1 from www.spelling-words-well.com
Free Spelling Tests, Test #1, page 2 from www.spelling-words-well.com
Swimmer in a swimming pool

1. Definition: to an adequate degree

Sentence: Our pool is ____ full of water to go swimming

A) sufficiently      B) sufficently 

2. Definition: that which is selected; choice

Sentence: Which is your _____ , tea or coffee? 

A) preferrence    B) preference

3. Definition: kindheartedly

Sentence: Mary ____ offered to help Helen care for her sick young child.

A) sympatheticly    B) sympathetically

Hotel key

4. Definition: lodging 

Sentence: Betsy needs to find ____ for her lengthy visit to Washington, D.C.

A) accomodations   B) accommodations 

5. Definition: a type of extinct flying reptile

Sentence: Scientists were pleased to find the remains of a large ____. 

A) pterodactyl     B) pteradactile

chauffeur driving a limousine

6. Definition: large, luxurious automobile driven by a chauffeur

Sentence: The business owner always travels to meetings in a ____.

A) limosine     B) limousine

7. Definition: to treat a person with a vaccine to promote immunity to a disease

Sentence: The doctor said he would ____ us against certain diseases before we traveled abroad.

A)  inoculate     B) innoculate

8. Definition: to talk or think about things that happened in the past

Sentence; Grandma loves to ____ and tell me about events from her childhood.

A) reminicse      B) reminisce

Karaoke singers

9. Definition: the act of singing along to a music video, especially when the original vocals have been removed

Sentence: Even though none of us are good singers, we all like to meet for ___ on Thursday nights.

A) kariokee      B) karaoke

10.  Definition: able to use both hands equally well

Sentence: Because she is ______, Ann can write notes with either her left or right hand.

A) ambidextrous     B) ambidextrus

1. A, sufficiently 2. B, preference 3. B, sympathetically 4. B, accommodations 5. A, pterodactyl 6. B, limousine 7. A, inoculate 8. B, reminisce 9. B, karaoke 10. A, ambidextrous

Test #2

Now try the second of our free spelling tests, using the same instructions. 

Printable version of Test #2

1. Definition: causing feelings of disgust; repugnant

Sentence; The impoverished family lived on the street in ____ conditions

A) loathesome     B) loathsome

2. Definition: a shrub with showy clusters of white, pink or bluish flowers

Sentence: Maureen used several blooms from her ____ to make a lovely flower arrangement.

A) hydrangea    B) hydrangia

Snow falling on a house

3. Definition: not able to be predicted or anticipated

Sentence: The April blizzard was an ____ event.

A) unforseeable     B) unforeseeable

4. Definition: surroundings, especially one's social environment

Sentence: The artist's urban murals are a reflection of his childhood ____.

A) milieu     B) mileiu

Actor speaking into a microphone

5. Definition: a dramatic form of discourse in which a character talks to himself

Sentence: In a ____, the actor may be revealing his thoughts to the audience, but not to the other actors.

A) soliloquey     B) soliloquy

6. Definition: to grow together or unite into one body

Sentence: The two political groups are so similar that they will ____ to become more effective.

A) coalesce     B) coaless

Large bubbles floating through the air

7. Definition: displaying shining colors that produce rainbow effects

Sentence: The large soap bubbles displayed beautiful, ____ colors.

A) irridescent     B) iridescent

8. Definition: of little value or importance

Sentence: Let's not bicker about such a ____ amount of money!

A) picayune     B) pickeyune

9. Definition: a dish of meat cut into pieces and stewed in a white sauce

Sentence: Grandma serves her famous chicken ____ with biscuits and salad.

A) fricassee     B) friccasee

10. Definition: infinitely small

Sentence: Because of the ____ amount of toxins in the water, it was deemed safe for drinking.

A. infintisimal      B. infinitesimal 

1. B, loathsome 2. A, hydrangea 3. B, unforeseeable 4. A, milieu 5. B, soliloquy 6. A, coalesce 7. B, iridescent 8. A, picayune 9. A, fricassee 10. B, infinitesimal

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