Fun Ideas for Homeschool Spelling

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Homeschool spelling lessons are important as we all know. But at times, even the best lessons can become  somewhat tedious.

No matter what curriculum you're using, it's nice to add some pizzazz to the spelling routine from time to time. Here are simple ideas for you to try. Some of them don't even need to happen during school hours!

Homeschool Spelling Ideas

1) Spell words in the middle of ordinary conversations.
If your child asks, "What are we making for dinner?" you could reply, "M - a - c - a - r - o - n - i!"  Then ask, "How would you like to help?" and ask him to spell his answer in reply.

2) Encourage your children to quiz each other when they find interesting words on cereal boxes, junk mail, and print advertisements.  If a younger child can read a word, she can ask an older sibling to spell it.

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3) Keep lists of new words. Ask each child to keep his own list of new words he encounters in his reading, in conversations, even words that he hears in the media. At least once a week, take time during school to discuss the meanings of these new words. Choose several to add to current or future spelling lists. This is a great way to customize spelling lists for your child's interests and experiences.

4) Try some online spelling games. Kids can play these games independently -- always a great thing, right? In addition to the games on our site, you can find oodles more using a Google search. Caution: Always preview the game to be sure it is at the proper skill level for your student.

More Ideas...

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I've compiled a list of 40 spelling homework ideas. Included are a wide-ranging assortment of activities to provide spelling practice with weekly word lists. Chances are good that some of these will work well with your home school students!

Spelling Games & Worksheets

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Remember that we have lots of resources right here at Spelling-Words-Well for lots of grade levels.

Be sure to try some of these:

Be sure to use a variety of formats -- games, worksheets, oral practice, online activities, etc. -- to give your kids lots of ways to solidify their spelling skills!

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