Third Grade Lesson Plans  for Spelling

third graderThese simple third grade lesson plans are ones that you can use many times throughout the school year.  Just use a new set of spelling words each time.

 Story Puzzles

1. Using a chalkboard or whiteboard, write a short story together as a class. (A story from 5 sentences up to 3 paragraphs in length will work well.) Use as many spelling words as possible. 

2. Read the story aloud together two or three times. 

3. Erase the spelling words in the story.

4. Call on one student to read the story aloud, remembering to add add in the words that were erased.

5. Ask several students to come to the board to fill in the missing words.

6. Repeat the process with a new story. This time, however, ask each student to write the entire story, with his own paper and pencil, filling in all the missing words.

Is It Right? - A Listening Lesson

Choose a list of 10 spelling words, either current or past.  Then speak to your students as follows:

"Write your name at the top of your paper. Number your paper from 1 to 10.  In this lesson, I will say a word, spell it and say it again. You need to listen carefully to hear if I spell the word correctly. "

"If I spell the word correctly, put a Y for yes by the number. If I do not spell the word correctly, put an N for no. "

The first time that you use this lesson plan, you may want to do the first word or two together. 

Here are sample words you could use for your third grade lesson plans:

1. about - ABOUT - about (Y)
2. across - ACCROSS - across (N) 
3. afraid - AFRAID - afraid (Y)
4. birthday - BRITHDAY - birthday (N)
5. bread - BREAD - bread (Y)
6. dinner - DINNER - dinner (Y)
7. doctor - DOCTER - doctor (N)
8. early - ERLY - early (N)
9. everyone - EVERYONE - everyone (Y)
10. forgot - FERGOT - forgot (N)

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third grade lesson plans - chalkboard

Let students take turnswriting sentences on the board for the class story.

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