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3rd Grade Activities

 for Language Practice & Spelling Success!

Colorful number 3, from our 3rd grade activities for language and spelling success

These 3rd grade activities are easy for you and worthwhile for your students! Our simple-to-use dictation sentences will give students practice in learning important spelling words in context. Students will need to listen carefully, write at a reasonable pace and spell all the words correctly. There are a lot of benefits in just one type of lesson!

3rd Grade Activities

Here's a peek at page 1 of the printable file. The full text also appears below for the entire lesson. 

3rd grade activities for spelling dictation, from www.spelling-words-well.com

Suggested directions for teachers:

Give each student a fresh piece of lined paper. Make sure each child has a sharpened pencil. Then choose five or six sentences from the list below for one dictation lesson. Choose sentences in which all the words are familiar to your sentences. Adjust sentences, if necessary, to suit your group of students.  Words in bold appear on this list of 3rd grade spelling words

Suggested instructions to students: 

I am going to read a sentence to you several times. First, listen to the entire sentence carefully. As I repeat the sentence, try to write it correctly on your page. Remember to use correct spellings. Use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and a period or a question mark at the end.  You may also need additional capital letters. 

Dictation Sentences

Gray mouse nibbling on a block of Swiss cheese

1. I’ll meet you at my house on Friday.

2. The tiny mouse found some cheese.

3. He grinned when he saw his breakfast food.  

4. Our school has a picnic on Saturday.

5. The clown quickly made us all laugh.

6. What color of roses do you like best?

7. My brother and I rode bikes together.

8. Our town was built near a river.

9. Everything at this store sells for a dollar.  

10. When are you coming to dinner? 

Student, ladder, buckets of paint and a huge outdoor easel

11. Our classes went outside to paint.

12. I never heard so much noise!

13. That’s a funny gift.

14. Isn’t the circus on Monday?

15. She opened lots of boxes on her birthday.

16. The boy skinned his leg while running.

17. Do you like window shopping?

18. It won’t be long until spring is here.

19. The baby was smiling while she slept.

20. Please pick a prize from the basket.

21. There will be a big shoe sale on Tuesday.

22. Can you draw a straight line without a ruler?

23. The queen raised her hand and began to speak.

24. I used a soft voice inside.

25. He kept throwing the newspaper too far.   

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Concluding activities:

·       Ask students to volunteer to write one of their sentences on the board. Or write each one correctly yourself, explaining the spelling and meaning of each word.

·       Encourage students to rewrite any sentences that have errors.

·       Allow children time to add drawings to their sentences. 

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