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Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

 for Language Practice & Spelling Success!

Colorful number 4, from our fourth grade lesson plans for language and spelling success

These fourth grade lesson plans provide valuable language practice, and they are so easy to use! Our dictation sentences will give students practice in learning important spelling words in context. Students will need to listen carefully, write at a reasonable pace and spell all the words correctly. What could be better?

Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Here's a peek at page 1 of the printable file. The full text also appears below for the entire lesson. 

Fourth grade lesson plans for spelling dictation, from www.spelling-words-well.com

Suggested directions for teachers:

Give each student a fresh piece of lined paper. Make sure each child has a sharpened pencil. Then choose five to seven sentences from the list below for one dictation lesson. Choose sentences in which all the words are familiar to your sentences. Adjust sentences, if necessary, to suit your group of students.  Words in bold appear on this list of 4th grade spelling words

Suggested instructions to students: 

I am going to read a sentence to you several times. First, listen to the entire sentence carefully. As I repeat the sentence, try to write it correctly on your page. Remember to use correct spellings. Use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and a period or a question mark at the end.  You may also need additional capital letters. 

Dictation Sentences

Winter hat, ear muffs and scarf

1. Name an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

2. Choose warm clothing on this cold day.

3. It’s so cold you can see your breath!

4. I am worried the weather will get worse.

5. My uncle hopes to visit us soon.                        

6. Have you written twenty spelling words?

7. The steel blades on my skates are very sharp.

8. Please be ready at eight o’clock

9. Always cover your mouth when you cough

10. The big bubble landed on a building. 

11. He’s happiest when hiking.

12. Could you please answer my question?

13. The busy squirrel ran across the sidewalk.

Monkey swinging on a tree, holding a banana

14. Next year she’ll be in fifth grade. 

15. Each monkey ate its own banana.

16. Will forty chairs be enough for this evening?

17. The police helped to search for the kitten.

18. I wonder whether you would like tuna or ham?

19. Hurry up and grab your jacket!

20. She made a beautiful baby quilt.

21. When we get groceries, we should buy a lot of fruit.

22. I will stop at the mailbox on the way to the library.

23. Did you remember to return your books?

24. He will deliver the mail earlier today.

25. The new machine looked very odd

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Concluding activities:

·         Ask students to volunteer to write one of their sentences on the board. Or write each one correctly yourself, explaining the spelling and meaning of each word.

·         Encourage students to rewrite any sentences that have errors.

·         Allow students time to add drawings to their sentences.

·         Use these sentences as prompts for story writing. 

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