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4th Grade Writing Prompts

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Here's a great assortment of 4th grade writing prompts! Your students will like to write about some wacky, and also some fairly realistic situations. While their creativity is flowing, they'll also be practicing important language skills and spelling words!

fun 4th grade writing prompts

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Text from the Printable Page:

If you don't require the illustrated printable page, here is the text from this set of 4th grade writing prompts:

yellow school bus

1. You’ve been told that a famous person will be your bus driver this week. Who do you hope it will be? Why?

2. A calf mysteriously appears on your playground at recess. What do you and your friends decide to do?

3. What is your favorite chore at home or at school, and why?

4. Anita asks Adrian about…  Finish this sentence using as many A words as possible.

5. I was walking to school yesterday. I am walking to the store today. I will be walking to the park tomorrow. Follow this pattern of past, present and future tense by writing three sentences using the verb agree.  

guy carrying big stack of books

6. Why is your dad carrying all of your school books for you this week? How does the week go for you? For your dad?

7. Something is broken, but you are not upset. What is it? Why aren’t you upset?

8. Whether or not you go to the museum is your choice. What do you choose and why?

9. Your grandmother meant to tell you something important today, but she forgot. What do you think it was?

10. You’re walking on a sidewalk near your home. It starts to move. Suddenly, you are no longer in your neighborhood. Where are you? How will you get home?  

boy running away from a grocery bag

11. You’re helping your mom put groceries away. As you reach into a bag, something makes you scream and run. What’s in the grocery bag, and why do you run?

12. What are three good reasons for spending time outside? 

Suggestions for using these 4th grade writing prompts:

  • Please note that each prompt contains one or more bold faced words. These bold words appear on our 4th grade spelling words.
  • If you like, ask your students to use the bold words at least once or twice in their writing.
  •  You may wish to assign one prompt to every student by posting it in a prominent place in your classroom each week.
  • Or, you may wish to pass out the entire printable list of prompts to students. Then you can allow them to select one prompt  at a time of their choice to write about.
  • If time allows, encourage students to illustrate their responses with their own drawings or clip art.
  •  When possible, post students' writing samples. Before posting, however, give writers the opportunity to edit and improve their work. 
  • Use these fourth grade writing prompts, too! 

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