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Fourth Grade Writing Prompts

5th number

This assortment of fourth grade writing prompts will spark some great ideas and fun writing samples. Kids will write about exploring a new planet, repairing damage from a book work, and many more things. They'll also 

fun fourth grade writing prompts

Printable Version

Text from the Printable Page:

If you don't require the illustrated printable page, here is the text from this set of writing prompts:

a camel at the window

1. You look out the kitchen window, and are surprised to see a camel looking back at you. What do you do? What does the camel do?

2. What are three good questions to ask when you are trying to get to know someone?

3. Bubbles are floating throughout your school. How did they get there? When and how will the bubbles stop?

4. Your little brother seems to know how to disappear and then quickly reappear when he is needed. How does he do this? Will he teach you to do this, too?

bookworm eating through a large book

5. This bookworm is eating its way through every book in your library! How will you fix all the holes in all the books?

6. You need to decide if you are going on a weekend trip to the mountains with your friend’s family. Why do you want to go? Why do you not want to go?

7. Suppose you had eighty pairs of shoes. What would you do with them?

8. What’s better, soccer or tennis? Why?

astronaut on a planet

9. In your opinion, what is the world’s most beautiful animal? Describe this animal and tell why you chose it.

10. A new planet has just been discovered, and you have been chosen to visit it. What do you see when you get there?

11. Why are your crayons magic, and what kinds of pictures do you draw with them?

12. A squirrel is studying a big book under your oak tree. What is he reading, and why? 

Suggestions for using these fourth grade writing prompts:

  • Each prompt contains one or more bold faced words. These bold words appear on our 4th grade spelling words.
  • Suggest to your students that they try to use the bold word at least once or twice in their responses.
  • If time allows, encourage students to illustrate their responses with their own drawings or clip art.
  •  You may wish to assign one prompt to every student by posting it in a prominent place in your classroom each week. Or, pass out the entire list and allow students to write about the prompt of their choice.
  •  When possible, post students' writing samples. Before posting, however, give writers the opportunity to edit and improve their work. 
  • Use these fourth grade writing prompts, too! 

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