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 Fourth Grade Spelling

Puzzle Partners

Two smiling students holding up jigsaw puzzle pieces

In fourth grade spelling, why not make the most of your students' interests and abilities? Most kids at this age love humor, riddles, puzzles and brain teasers. And most kids at any age, like to create things to share with others.

Here's an idea that you can use throughout the school year with any list of 4th grade spelling words.

Puzzle Partners Page of Instructions

1. Pair students to work together as "Puzzle Partners."  

2. Assign each pair of students a different week (or weeks) of the
school year.

3. During the assigned week, the puzzle partners will use the current week's spelling words (or review words) to produce a written activity that will be assigned to the rest of the class. They may choose from one of these projects:
    a) Word Searches   
    b) Jokes and Riddles
    c)  Scrambled words
    d) Crosswords

4. Print and laminate our student directions in a classroom center, along with all the supplies needed to make the worksheets.

Note: Some of our instructions ask the partners to type their own worksheets. If this is not feasible, allow one of the students to ask a family member to type them for you at home or ask a parent volunteer in the classroom to help.

teacher helping students with worksheets

5. Ask students to make their pages early in the week so that you have time to approve, copy and distribute them before the end of the week.

As you use this idea with your students, you'll develop ways to "tweak" it to best suit your own situation. Be sure to share your best ideas with us!

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crossword diagram

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