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3rd Grade Writing Prompts

This fun assortment of 3rd grade writing prompts will set your young writers' minds in motion! You'll find a wide variety of both realistic and make-believe scenarios in this list. 

list of 3rd grade writing prompts

Text from the Printable Page

If you don't require the illustrated printable page, here is the text from this set of 3rd grade writing prompts. Note that each prompt contains a bold word, from our third grade spelling word list.

See my suggestions below for using these prompts.

1. The doorbell rings, and you are very happy to hear someone’s voice. Whose voice is it? Why are you so happy?

a bear with a pear

2. Write short poem about a bear with a pear.

3. Every Wednesday, one person in your class gets to choose a special activity for everyone to do. What will you choose when it’s your turn? Why?

4. Your little sister is about to lose her first tooth. What advice will you give him?

5. What would happen if all the clocks stopped working at school?

man eating breakfast in bed

6. You decide to make breakfast in bed for your dad. What will you fix for him?

7. What is the best way you could spend one dollar?

8. Your best friend walks up to you, smiles, and hands you a paper bag. Guess what is inside.

9. The third grade class will decide how to paint the hallways in your school. How do you think the walls should look?

laughing young boy, wearing a blue cap

10. What famous person do you wish lived on your street? Why?

11. What makes you laugh? Why?

12. Your family decides to go for one week without television and cell phones. What would you do?

Tips for using these 3rd grade writing prompts:

Write one prompt at a time on the board, so that the entire class can write about the same one.

  • Or, offer three at a time, and give students their choice of prompts.
  • For extra spelling practice, ask students to use the words in BOLD at least once or twice in each piece that they write. 
  • Encourage kids to illustrate their work.
  • When appropriate, post student work on a classroom display. Be sure they've had the opportunity to edit their work before posting it.

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