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My SBI Review

Why Am I Writing This SBI Review?

I'm writing this SBI Review in response to lots of false reviews that are circulating around the internet, and to share the good, positive TRUTH with people who sincerely want to build a solid, long-term online business. 

Ann Richmond FisherAnn Richmond Fisher

My Life Before SBI!

Twice before purchasing my first SBI site, I tried to start an online business. You see, I love words, word games, word meanings, word spellings and more. And I knew other people did, too.

I've invented some pretty great original word games, including ZigZags, Buzzwords, and Triangulairs. Surely other word lovers would like these, too, I reasoned.

Flop, Flop, Fizz, Fizz...

thumbs down

A family friend set me up with my first website. It looked okay. I posted little eBooks of my puzzle collections. I started telling family and friends about my site. One person, that's ONE, O-N-E, purchased an eBook. I think I made about $10 dollars on the transaction.

After a year or two of that, I let the site die a natural death. I don't think I ever had more than 50 visitors a month!

....And Repeat!

Then my son built my second site. It looked really good, and we posted a TON of puzzles. But once again, I had difficulty attracting visitors. Again, I  let a good site die. (If only I'd read an SBI review like this one earlier!)

But Then...

I met a successful SBI solopreneur when he hired me to write content for his math website. (Yes, I love numbers, too!) I really liked Greg's site and was very impressed with the amount of traffic he received. And that's where my SBI review really begins.

Word Game World Logo

Greg and I decided to partner to launch www.Word-Game-World.com. I had a blast writing and posting puzzles to this fun new site of printable word games. Best of all, we quickly had respectable traffic. People wrote in with questions, comments and kudos. It was great to have my material FOUND and ENJOYED.

Spelling Words Well logo

Eventually, I took the site over on my own and launched a second, even more successful site, www.Spelling-Words-Well.com.  

And Now...

smiling woman

Thousands of parents, teachers, students and English language learners from around the world visit my spelling site every day.  I  receive letters frequently, thanking me for all the free help I'm providing. It is very gratifying!

But Wait, There's More!

sparkly gold dollar sign

I am also making MONEY!!!! I monetize my sites by displaying ads (like the ones shown on the right)  on my busiest pages through Google Adsense. It's easy to set up and provides a decent amount of money every month.

Best of all, I sell eBooks of word puzzles, spelling worksheets and especially spelling bee resources. I've found an important niche and am filling it the best of my ability.

For the past week or two, I've been emailing and talking with a spelling bee coordinator from a large school district in California. I advised her on which of my spelling bee products would best meet her needs. This morning (August 31, 2017), after one more conversation, she purchased enough products to pay the full price for one year of my SBI! subscription.  

My SBI Review :  In Summary

I'll close my SBI review by listing my top 5 reasons for continuing to choose SBI!

1. Training

Everything I need to know to build a successful site is included in the Action Guide, Tips & Techniques, and all the other informational guides. The training materials are available 24/7 to review over and over again.  SBI constantly updates the training so I can stay at the top of my game, as well as the top of the search engine results pages.

2. Tools

I still don’t use everything that’s available, but I appreciate Brainstorm It!, Get Google $ (what a keyword is worth at Google), Search It! (business research tool), Search Engine HQ (shows how your pages rank on each search engine), Click-Through Data (shows which of your links to external resources perform best), the Mail Out Manager (newsletter mailing tool), and more.

3. Price

A loved one who works in Web Design tried once or twice to convince me to leave SBI! in order to save money. So we started pricing all the different pieces we’d have to buy to replace it, and quickly discovered that $300/year is a bargain. And everything is in one place!

4. Excellent Support

I am not an expert at any of this. Sometimes I try something new and run into difficulties. SBI! support ALWAYS responds quickly and ALWAYS stays with me until the issue is resolved. And, when the “issue” is something simple that I should’ve figured out for myself, no one ever makes me feel stupid.

5. Room to Grow

thumbs up

There is NEVER a day when I go to my website and say to myself,  "I don't know what to do. I have no ideas. I've done all I can do."  No sir-eee!  Through SBI! newsletters, blog, forums, and training, I always have ideas of what to do next. I have many, many more avenues yet to explore and develop for both of my websites. 

For More Info...

 ...please visit my websites and this ABOUT page. 

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