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The Spelling Bee Ninja

Introducing the best software to help students succeed in spelling bee competitions

The SpellingBee Ninja is an exciting new program that prepares and tests students on thousands of spelling words. This valuable tool enables spellers of all ages to practice words independently and track their success.

This easy-to-use software is THE way to boost spelling performance, for both the classroom and spelling bee competitions.  If you, your child or your students need to improve your spelling skills, this program is for you!

Who is this for?

This is the only spelling practice software endorsed by


The SpellingBee Ninja was designed for any speller who wants to boost his/her spelling skills.

Students can practice the thousands of words in our word bank. Parents and teachers can add even more.  

Teachers can use this in their classroom to test students on random words from our word bank, or on special words that they input themselves.

ESL students can receive hours and hours of individualized practice on the words they most need to hear, learn and spell. 

What Do I Like Best About It?

Spelling Bee Ninja Screenshots

In this single piece of software you will receive:

  • Graded word lists from Grades 1 - Adult levels with the capability of making each list even more difficult
  • Option to quiz over 10, 15, or 20 words at a time
  • Option to add your own dictionary and/or word lists
  • Details about words spelled right or wrong for every quiz!
  • Ability to create a customized study list based on misspelled words
  • Customized certificates for high performers
  • And a whole lot more!

I like that you can get SO MUCH practice and SO MUCH info all in one place. The software runs great, too!

Go here and click on Watch the Video to learn more.

What's the story behind the SpellingBee Ninja?

Author Ann Richmond Fisher

As many of you  know, I've been promoting good spelling and spelling bees for many years through this website. Over these years I've had many requests for a good, interactive online spelling practice program. I had not found any that I could endorse -- until now.

A few months ago, an expert programmer, who was also interested in promoting good spelling skills and spelling bee competitions, approached me with his idea for a powerful spelling training program. 

I asked a lot of questions and liked the answers I was given. I've had the opportunity to "sneak preview" this software, and I like it a lot!

You can find other spelling quiz programs for slightly less money, but you cannot find one with more words and more features for any price, making this a truly great bargain.

I heartily endorse the SpellingBee Ninja !


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