9th Grade Worksheets for Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

You can use 9th grade worksheets to give yourarm lifting barbell students practice with spelling and vocabulary skills. There are so many ways to give students at this level great practice, and many of them are actually fun!

I'm a big fan of word play, word puzzles and brain teasers. They help build higher-level thinking skills. Plus they're a nice change from ordinary worksheets.

Here are just two examples.

Hard Word Search Puzzle

What makes this so hard? Try to solve it and you'll find out! First, there's no word list. Instead, students must look through the word puzzle, think about words they already know, and do a bit of guessing. These important clues are supplied:

  • There are 25 words to find.
  • All the words are spelled with 7 letters.
  • Each word begins with a different letter of the alphabet.
Print out this puzzle and let your students get started. But remember, I suggest that you try it first!
hard word search puzzle diagram

Mystery Word Scrambles

Word scrambles don't sound all that challenging right? Well...what if you didn't know what kind of words you were unscrambling? Are the words going to spell the names of foods, animals, places, inventions or...?

On this printable 9th grade worksheet, you'll see that each set of scrambled words contains 8 lines. One of the words describes the topic. The other seven words can be unscrambled to spell words related to that topic.

Again, please try this yourself before you share it with your students!

worksheet of mystery scrambled word sets

What's the beauty of worksheets like these? You can easily make your own throughout the year to give frequent spelling and vocabulary practice! Better yet, you can ask students to make these types of puzzles for you. Even the task of creating the puzzle forces students to look carefully at the correct spellings of all the words used in the puzzles!

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