Do You Like Animal Quizzes?

smiling green alligator looking at an apple core

There are all sorts of animal quizzes, but few like this one! We asked our Facebook fans to send us animal names that are spelled with double letters, as in otter and alligator.

You sent us a bunch -- many of which we would have never thought to include without your help!  Thanks to all those who contributed!

Animals Spelled with Double Letters

First add the missing letters to finish spelling each animal name. Then find the word in the puzzle. Words many run horizontally, vertically or diagonally, both backward and forward. There aren't many animal quizzes like this one!

Printable version

word search animal quiz with rooster and alligator

Animal Quizzes Word List

animal quizzes - word list

Don't Miss the Fun!

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Remember to become a FaceBook fan so you can join in our word play fun, too! We'll be adding more fun word play puzzles and brain teasers, along with a few surprises every now and then.  

These activities are great for many ages, including students, adults and ESL learners. You never know when we might feature more animal quizzes. Don't miss the fun!

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