Making First Grade Learning and Spelling Fun!

two smiling first grade boysFirst grade learning and spelling can be a bit overwhelming. There's so much to cover! Especially for students who have to work hard to learn spelling, why not make it fun?

Fun First Grade Learning Activities

Try a few of these ideas in your home or classroom:

1. Spell silly words aloud together.

When you ask kids to try to sound out silly words, even if the words aren't on their official spelling lists, they'll still be learning and thinking about sounds. Try words like buzz, pickle even silly. If the silly word is really long or difficult, be affirming even if the child gets just the consonants correct.

billboard2. Point out words on signs and billboards as you travel.

Look at words in commercials when you watch television together. Taco Bell is not very difficult, nor is Got Milk? Kids think it's cool to learn words they see everyday, outside of the classroom.

3. Give kids lots of hands-on ways to spell. magnetic letters - I Love You Dad

Think Scrabble tiles, wooden blocks , plastic magnetic letters, and letters cut out of newspapers and magazines. Kids can arrange and rearrange letters. That's a lot more fun that writing and erasing and rewriting as kids are learning.

4. Make up spelling songs as you work together.

Songs are just more fun, especially you make them up. Here's a simple example to give you some inspiration:

“Hey, Joey, can you hand me a hammer? I said Hammer, Hammer, with an H and A and an MM - E-R.”

Then add a beat and ask Joey to repeat it with you. Now that's FUN!

5. Allow your child to type spelling words on your laptop.

keyboard that says "spelling" It feels grown-up, i.e important, to do real stuff on a computer, and not just play games. Or, ask her to type a sentence or two from a note that you've written for her. As you already know, you must know how to spell a word to be able to type it.

First grade learning and spelling is a huge task, but it also can be FUN!

More First Grade Learning

Not sure what words to study? Check our lists of these first grade spelling words:

First Grade Writing

When you want your kids to write, try some of our first grade worksheets.

You'll find a variety of formats that feature a number of skills. We also have phonics worksheets and activities, too!

Spelling Word Games

Find more fun ways to practice words with our Spelling Word Games! Here are just a couple for young students:

Roll It! - Easy-to-make spelling word games. Roll the consonants around the tube to spell new words. Great at home or at school. 

color land board gameHands Up and Hop to It!- These simple, fun games will get your kids' attention, and keep it. 

 Color Land GameKids practice spelling color words as they try to reach the finish line. 

There's no doubt about it. There are a lot of ways to make first grade learning FUN and WORTHWHILE!

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