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Try some of our printable brain teasers for challenging, fun spelling practice! If you can spot spelling mistakes, this brain teaser won't be too hard at all. Find the spelling errors and follow the clues to find out which student wrote which spelling test. 

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For best results, use the printable version of this brain teaser. See the answers here.

Look at the spelling tests and decide which words are spelled correctly. Then use the clues below to learn which test belongs to which student.

6 students' spelling tests for printable brain teasers


Boys: Mike, Dion, Pete            Girls: Fiona, Lisa, Megan


1. Pete had the most words spelled correctly.

2. Fiona had every word spelled correctly.

3. Students whose names begin with M spelled 9 words correctly.

4. The boys’ papers are in the top row.

Do you know?

Which words are misspelled in each test?
Which student wrote which test?  Check your answers here.

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Here's a Tip:

Always carefully read and solve any brain teasers first before assigning them to your students. If you think a particular puzzler is a wee bit too hard, consider assigning students to work in pairs. If you're a parent, sit with your child as he begins to solve a puzzle. If he gets "stuck," allow him to think about things on his first, then offer small hints along the way.

Throughout our site, you'll find lots of fun spelling resources. So while you're here, be sure to try some of our spelling word games and spelling worksheets!


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