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Free Sight Words

 Fry's 1000 Instant Words (301-600)

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The free sight words here come from Fry's List of 1000 Instant words. His list is made up of the most frequently used words in children's books, novels, articles and textbooks. The words are ranked in order of frequency.

The list was compiled by Dr. Edward B. Fry in 1996.  His research found that just 25 words make up approximately 1/3 of all published text. He noted that 100 words make up about 1/2, and 300 words make up 65% of all written material.

Free Sight Words - Here are the Fry Sight Words. This web page shows words 301-600.

Free Sight Words 

Here are words 301 through 600 in the list. After readers have mastered the first 300 words, they should move quickly to learn these sets of words for continued language success.  

You'll find links to the other free sight words, from Fry's list of words #601 to 1000, at the bottom of the page.

See the first 300 words here.

Fourth Hundred Words (301-400) - Printable List

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4
body order listen farm
music red wind pulled
color door rock draw
stand sure space voice
sun become covered seen
questions top fast cold
fish ship several cried
area across hold plan
mark today himself notice
dog during toward south
horse short five sing
birds better step war
problem best morning ground
complete however passed fall
room low vowel king
knew hours true town
since black hundred I'll
ever products against unit
piece happened pattern figure
told whole numeral certain
usually measure table field
didn't remember north travel
friends early slowly wood
easy waves money fire
heard reached map upon

Fifth Hundred Words (401-500) - Printable List

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4
done decided plane filled
English contain  system heat
road course behind full
half surface ran hot
ten produce round check
fly building boat object
gave ocean game am
box class force rule
finally note brought among
wait nothing understand noun
correct rest warm power
oh carefully common cannot
quickly scientists bring able
person inside explain six
became wheels dry size
shown stay though dark
minutes green language ball
strong known shape material
verb island deep special
stars week thousands heavy
front less yes fine
feel machine clear pair
fact base equation circle
inches ago yet include
street stood government built

Sixth Hundred Words (501-600) - Printable List

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4
can't picked legs beside
matter simple sat gone
square cells main sky
syllables paint winter grass
perhaps mind wide million
bill love written west
felt cause length lay
suddenly rain reason weather
test exercise kept root
direction eggs interest instruments
center train arms meet
farmers blue brother third
ready wish race months
anything drop present paragraph
divided developed beautiful raised
general window store represent
energy difference job soft
subject distance edge whether
Europe heart past clothes
moon site sign flowers
region sum record shall
return summer finished teacher
believe wall discovered held
dance forest wild describe
members probably happy drive

See this helpful list of tips for Teaching Sight Words.

More Fry Sight Words

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Sight Word Resources

We have a large assortment of sight words lists, games and activities. Here are links to a few of them:

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