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First Names Spelling - How to Find the Ones You Like Best

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When you look at different names spelling for your newborn, you're making an important decision. 

As you choose the name itself you have many factors to consider: 

  • the meaning of the name
  • other family names to use or avoid,
  • how potential first names sound with the child's last name, (Quinn Schwyn anyone?)
  • alliteration to use or avoid
  • religious preferences, such as using a name from the Bible
  • initials.  If your last name is Williams, you might like the name Caitlyn Olivia. But your little sweetie's initials would be COW. Do you really want to inflict that upon your child?
  • the spelling of names, both first and middle

Since this is a spelling website we'll offer tips only for the last point--the spelling of your child's name(s).

Factors to Consider When Choosing Names Spellings:

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1. Write down the name you've chosen with several different spellings. How does it look? If you like Abigail but want a new twist (and we're not suggesting it really needs one), you might try:  Abagail, Abigayle, and Abbigayle. Do you like how one looks more than another? Will the name be too hard to spell? First names spelling offer many choices.

2. Choose a name your child will be able to spell and write by the time (s)he starts school. Alexandrietta and Hermoinayma may not fit this qualification. 

3. No one likes to have his/her name mispronounced. 
If you choose an unusual name, think seriously about spelling it the way you want it pronounced. 

For the past 100 years, Elizabeth has never ranked lower than #26. For 39 of those years, it was in the top 10. 

4. For some great ideas and information on names spelling choices, visit the Social Security's website where you can find the most popular baby names for any year since 1880. 

You can also sometimes find alternate spellings there. For instance, I typed in Elizabeth and learned in 2013, Elizabeth was ranked 10th, but Elisabeth (with an s)  was ranked #609 in the same year.

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