1st Grade Spelling Word List

first grade boy and motherThis 1st grade spelling word list is an all-purpose list, made of a combination of long vowel words, short vowel words, first grade sight words, and more -- all in one 200-word list.
Parents: Practice these words in spare moments with your child. When you see these words on packages and signs, draw her attention to them. Make flashcards to practice both reading and spelling skills.

Teachers: Use these words for spelling games, worksheets and other activities.

Printable 1st grade spelling word list

a all am an and
are as at ate bad
bag bake band bat be
bed bee bell best big
bike bill bit black blue
bone box boy brown bug
bun bus but by came
can cap car cat come
cone cub cut dad day
did dig dip do down
drive dry eat feet fill
find first fit five fog
for four frog from fun
funny game get girl go
green had hand has have
he hen her hid hill
his hit hog hop hope
hot how hug I if
in into is it jet
job jump kid land late
let lid like lip little
log lot make man many
map may meet men mom
mop more my name need
nest no nose not of
on one or over part
pay pen pet pig pin
plan play pop rag ran
red ride rip rose rug
rule run sad sand sat
saw say see she side
sit six sleep slide so
some spot stone stop sun
tag tap tell test than
that the then they thin
this three time tip to
top tree try tub two
up was water way we
were what when wig will
win with yellow you zip

No single word list will include every word your first grader is likely to encounter, but our lists will give you a great foundation for this all-important year of learning.

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