Flash Cards for 2nd Grade Sight Words 

2nd grade girls standing next to bus
When students master 2nd grade sight words,
they'll be lining up for reading and spelling success!

Remember that mastering these all important sight words is essential to early learning success in reading, writing and spelling.

With that in mind, we're furnishing not one, but TWO, free sets of flash cards.

Set One

The first set of sight word flash cards is for quick-reading practice. Here's a screen shot of the first page. The printable link includes the entire set.
second grade sight words - flash cards

Set Two

The second set of 2nd grade sight words flash cards is for spelling practice. These are the same words used in the set above. In most words of 3 or more letters, one letter is missing.

Ask your student to supply the missing letter, then read the word.  (If your child can't figure out the word, tell him.)  Here's a peek at a few of the flash cards. The printable link contains the entire set.

 2nd grade sight words-missing letters

Additional Resources for Second Grade Sight Words

We have lots of ideas throughout our site for spelling practice and success. 

Here are just two of the games you'll find in our Sight Word Games collection. These games will show you and your students that learning the basics can be fun!

colorful game boardColor Land - Players follow a colorful game board and spell color words all along the way.

Bingo Sight Word Games - Printable game cards are ready-to-go! From our sister site, Word-Game-World.com.

We also recommend this set of over 300 fun online learning games  offered by one of our affiliates. I've also set up a Sight Words products store on Amazon.

Use the tabs on the left to find sight word games, spelling games, spelling worksheets and more!

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