9th Grade Spelling Words

9th grade spelling words - male student at locker

These 9th grade spelling words are challenging for most adults, including teachers and parents! Your students will gain confidence in their writing when they learn to use and spell words like ubiquitous, idiosyncrasy, rococo and more.

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9th Grade Spelling Words

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absorption accompaniment accomplice
acquiesce acquittal affiliation
altercation ambassador ambiguous
animosity apparatus approximately
austerity authentic authenticate
auxiliary benevolent blasphemous
bravado camouflage capricious
carburetor cavalcade celestial
cerebral chagrin chaotic
chasm chastise chronic
citadel clique cocoon
conceivable concurrent conscientious
consciousness contiguous correspondence
corroborate curriculum defamation
deprivation derelict diffidence
disastrous dissociate distinction
diurnal dominant dormitory
drudgery elicit elimination
embroidery equinox escapade
espionage etiquette exaggeration
exemplary expediency expedient
expunge facsimile fallacy
feasibility fictitious finesse
fluorescent fulfill grammatically
gruesome handkerchief hideous
hindrance homogenize hypocrisy
idiosyncrasy impasse impropriety
incandescent incessant inconsolable
indelible indispensable indisputable
insufficient interrogative irreconcilable
irrelevant irrevocable judicious
justifiable labyrinth liaison
lustrous magnanimous magnificence
maintenance malicious martyr
melee metamorphosis molecular
monotony morose multiplicity
nausea nonchalance notoriety
oblique occasionally olfactory
omnipotent onomatopoeia palatable
pandemonium panorama partiality
pastime patriarch pediatrician
peril perjury philanthropist
picturesque pittance playwright
poignancy poignant potpourri
prejudice premonition primitive
proximity quibble quixotic
quizzical recipient redundant
reek relevancy remembrance
renegade renovate reservoir
respite retaliate retrieve
rococo sabotage salient
satisfactorily saunter scavenger
scourge scuttle seethe
significance soliloquy spasmodic
squalid strenuous stringent
subsequent subsistence succinct
summarize supersede surgeon
surveillance swelter synthesis
tantalize technician technique
tedious tenuous tirade
transcend transient transmutation
tremor turbulence ubiquitous
ulterior unanimous uncanny
uncouth undoubtedly unforgettable
upbraid variegated vengeance
versatile volatile vulnerable
vying wary

Please note that this is a general list to supplement other curriculum. The needs of your students may vary.

Tips and Tricks

paper stamped with A+Use our list of 9th grade spelling words for classroom quizzes and competitions, games and worksheets. We have free spelling lessons that can help you learn or teach some of these tricky words.

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Helpful Resource

Here's a very helpful resource from Amazon. You don't have to know how to spell a word to look up its correct spelling. You only need to be able to pronounce it!  1001 Commonly Misspelled Words: What Your Spell Checker Won't Tell YouAmerican English Dictionaries & Thesauruses)

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