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2nd Grade Spelling Activities:
Fun for the Whole Class!

3 students raising their hands

For 2nd grade spelling, sometimes it's fun to get your students moving and working together while they think and learn. 

Here are some fun activities to do just that. You can use these activities with any list of spelling words. They're so much fun that you'll want to use them more than once!

Stand and Spell    

block letters ABCD

1. Pass out a set of alphabet cards so that each student has one letter. Don't pass out infrequently used letters, like q and z, unless they are used in your spelling words. Pass out extra letters, such as a, e, n, s and t, so that every child has one letter.

2. Call out one word at a time from your weekly spelling list, or words closely related to the spelling words.

3. Tell students it they are holding the letters in that word, they should come to the front of the classroom and arrange themselves in the correct order. Tell those with duplicate letters to take turns coming to the front.

4. Partway through your playing time, ask students to trade letters so that those with infrequently used letters may get a turn with more common ones.

Identity Riddles

red question mark

1. Prepare in advance a list of nouns from our list of 2nd grade spelling words, or from your own spelling book.

2. Cut the words apart, and pass out one per student.

3. Tell children to keep their words face down on their desks so no one else will see them. Each child needs to think of clues to describe the word, which now becomes his identity.

4. Call one student to the front. Ask him to give the class clues, one at a time, about who or what he is. For example, if his word is barn, he might say:
         I am the home for some animals.
         Many times I am red.
         You can see me on a farm.

5. When a student wants to guess his word, she must raise her hand, wait to be called upon, and then spell the word correctly. The first child to spell the right word correctly then goes to the front with her word.

More 2nd Grade Spelling Activities

colorful game board

Let the learning fun continue...Try some of these spelling word games

You can also adapt our no-pencil-required activities for your 2nd grade spelling class, along with these small group ideas.

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